2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo is the sportiest small car in the world

Alfa Romeo is MiTo all about passion, style and emotion. Unfortunately, these characteristics are nowhere enough to make a car brand successful worldwide. According to researches done by independent motoring publications, Alfa Romeo is a brand with strong presence but without the products good enough to exploit the popularity this brand enjoys in Europe and elsewhere. Alfa Romeo tried hard in the past. They’ve come up with a few very special and very nice cars in the last decade (including the 159 and the Giulietta), but the car that had the task to turn everything around in Alfa’s favor is a small city car called MiTo. This car is possibly the most expected Alfa vehicles of all times.

Based on the same architecture as the other small Fiat vehicles such as the Linea and the Grande Punto, the 2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo is tuned to provide the sportiest driving characteristics of them all. Alfa reworked the chassis, installed a fully redesigned suspension with adjustable dampers, stronger rollbars and a bit stiffer springs in comparison with any other vehicle based on the same architecture. The style of the car also follows the sporty Alfa Romeo pedigree. The front end features somewhat strange rounded lamps with the pronounced Alfa Romeo grille and rather large air intakes. The rear end is much more familiar. It is easy to see that the styling causes of the beautiful Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione have been transferred to this car as well. Two rounded lamps with the muscular rear bumper make a rather interesting rear end that has not been seen on any other European small car. Despite its small size (160 inches in length), the Alfa Romeo MiTo feels and looks like a grown up and fairly large car. However, thanks to the sporty pedigree, the MiTo is available only with three door layout.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Steering

Inside the cabin the ambiance is somewhat different than in any other Alfa of the time. The driver is the main focal point in the interior. It seems that the whole interior is made just for the driver – the ventilation openings are rounded, the steering wheel is very close to the shifter, while the, so called, DNA switch is located right next to the right leg. Alfa DNA system allows the driver to choose from three different modes (Dynamic, Normal and All-Weather). Off course, the Dynamic mode makes the most of the steering, transmission and suspension when driving fast, while other two modes are programed to provide best performance during usual commute or during harsh winter conditions. Such sports equipment had to be followed by powerful engines. Alfa Romeo chose 1.4 liter turbocharged units for the best performing models. This engine has previously been developed for use on the Grande Punto. However, with a bit work on the exhausts and with slightly reprogrammed ECU MiTo 1.4 liter turbocharged engine is available with the 120 HP, 135 HP, 155 HP and 170 HP versions. The most powerful provides MiTo with the performance of the real hot hatch. The 2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 TB Multiair is able to accelerate to 62 mph in 7.5 seconds on its way to the top speed of 137 mph. This is not a slow car, even though, Alfa offered the MiTo with a naturally aspirated 1.4 liter engine and even with small Fiat sourced diesel engines. The 2014 model is equipped with a 0.9 liter two cylinder unit developing 90 HP. Also, the 2014 model brought a restyled interior, a few more upholsteries to choose from and a new uConnect infotainment system.

Off course, the DNA switch is available on any one of them, but the real deal is to get the sportiest and the most powerful version. In that case all of that emotion, passion and style comes together to create one of the most amazing small cars the world has ever seen.

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