2014 Tesla Model S – the first premium electric vehicle

Marketed as the most advanced and the best electric car to come, the Tesla Model S was first revealed in 2009, as a concept vehicle. Its sleek looks, generous dimensions and rather revolutionary interior setup made the car an instant hit. Tesla needed three more years for the development and they showed the Tesla Model at a closed press conference on June 22, 2012. A few chosen buyers were able to sit in and even drive the most amazing new vehicle, and the Tesla Model S started its market adventure.

The first car Tesla built was actually a, so called, halo car. The Tesla Roadster put the company on the map, and the introduction of the Model S really draw people’s attention. Besides being good looking, the Tesla Model S for 2014 model year proves to be one of the technically most advanced vehicles in the world. Its aluminum architecture provides stiffness and lightness levels of a sports car which is highly praised in the circles of automotive enthusiasts. Furthermore, its smart architecture is formed to provide room for large 85 kW batteries at the lowest possible point under the car. This way, the batteries are placed on the best position providing the car with exceptionally low center of gravity (on par with that on the best sport cars) and with safety features that overshadow basically any other electric car on the market. Even though the Tesla Model S has basically the same form as every other sedan on the road, Tesla engineers had to start from ground up with the construction. Electric cars are much different in comparison with the conventional petrol powered cars, and the differences are so huge that its safe to say that the 2014 Tesla Model S is possibly the most amazing modern car on the road. Besides constructing a whole new chassis and architecture mainly from aluminum, the Tesla Model S has the most advanced batteries on board. “The most energy-dense battery pack in the industry” provides power for the rear based small electric engine developing in excess of 410 HP. With one speed fixed gear, powerfull battery pack and an engine whose power overshadows the power of the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS engine, the Tesla Model S is a very fast vehicle. Actually, this large family saloon (with seven seat arrangement as option) is able to hit 60 mph in 4.4 seconds which is just mind boggling considering that the car weighs somewhere around 4.640 lbs. Such achievement is possible thanks to the rear engine – rear wheel drive layout, best aerodynamics in the segment and a performance pack that allows maximum use of electric engine power.

2014 Tesla Model S Interior View

Besides being most advanced in the segment of propulsion and drive, the Tesla Model S actually offers a few very special features not found previously on any other car. The boot capacity is among the best in the segment, partly because the Tesla Model S is a large car, but mostly because of two separate trunks (one in the front and one in the rear). Because there is no usual vehicle related equipment such as large petrol engine, various coolers, driving shaft, or even the petrol tank, the interior of the 2014 Tesla Model S is much roomier and comfortable in comparison with basically every other vehicle. Moreover, Tesla wanted to create a real premium feel on the inside. With the introduction of a 17 inch touchscreen (biggest in any car to date), Tesla managed to eject almost every physical button. Everything, except for windows, can be operated by the large touchscreen. To remain consistent to premium feel, Tesla used various Mercedes Benz parts for the interior. The buttons, steering column stalks and a lot of other equipment is borrowed from this manufacturer. This means that the Tesla drives and feels like a real premium vehicle. Actually, it is fair to say that the 2014 Tesla Model is a premium electric vehicle.



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