2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo Junior Is Like A B-Segment Exotic

Trying to find as many buyers as possible to survive till’ new models emerge in the market, Alfa revealed a rather appealing 2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo Junior, their last effort related to the B-segment in Europe. True, the MiTo is cute, quite appealing and rather interesting, but it falls short of meeting the sales results Alfa Romeo hoped it would achieve. Marketing lacked intensity and the car was too much of an exotic and too little of a practical machine to succeed big time. Regardless, the latest version – the Junior is trying to cash in on the famous Alfa Romeo Junior vehicles from the past. This is basically a retro take on a new car and it seems it looks kind of good.

The Junior was the name used for the famous Alfa Romeo Giulia, one of the most successful cars Alfa ever built. Revealed at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the 2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo Junior is not exactly the car to call the success of the famous predecessor. True, with additional equipment including chromed door handles, 17-inch wheels, much-improved bumper design and special exhausts, the MiTo Junior feels a bit more modern and more audacious to successfully stack against cars from the segment. Unfortunately, these changes are the only ones that really set it apart from the competition.

2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo Junior Colors

Moving inside, the MiTo Junior had its steering wheel slightly updated, the dashboard decorated with new black and white bits and pieces and the infotainment system updated with a five-inch touch display with everything you could ask for – SMS reader, Bluetooth and some other modern stuff for easier smartphone integration. It is the 21st century, smartphone integration is a must. One of the most notable novelties differentiates this car from other MiTo versions is the BOSE hi-fi system. Not many cars in this realm of existence have a sound system produced by a renowned company.

However, while the MiTo is still good enough to fight against the counterparts from the segment in terms of the cosmetics, decorations and equipment, where it lacks the most is the powertrain department. True, the 1.4 L turbocharged engine is not exactly a slouch, but the MiTo lacks more powertrain options. The Junior is available with this small four-bangers producing 140hp which, with the help of the six-speed tranny, grants the car with the acceleration time to 62 mph in 8,1 second. Top speed is at 130 mph. Clearly, this is not a race car, but it can give some excitement.

Apart from this unit, the 2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo Junior can be had with a smaller 0.9 L unit developing 105hp and 107 lb-ft of torque. The performance is lackluster with that one to say the least.

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