2015 Alfa Romeo Sprint; A Mix Bag!

The Alfa Romeo Sprint is named after the ever so popular 1954 original. This vehicle is a new model to a recently modified Giulietta range. What’s the main talking point about this great car is its new 1.4-litre TB MultiAir Turbo engine. This engine is capable of producing power of 148 hp. There is a lot new in this vehicle when it comes to exterior and styling as well. Beautiful “Sprint” badges in front are the most eye-catching new changes to the design. Other than that 2015 Alfa Romeo Sprint has a 17 inch alloy rim with five holes, sports bumper, dark tinted glasses which gives an elegant look to the overall styling, gorgeous black window surrounds, and many more.

Not much has changed when we move inside and talk about the interior. In short the vehicle fails to impress in this department. It is not that 2015 Alfa Romeo Sprint doesn’t have all the required features, but it is below what we expected from a car of this stature. The seats are pretty ordinary made out of cloth with a nice Sprint logo. The only thing good about the seats is the leather-wrapped stitching, which gives it a modern look. The steering wheel has a numb feeling and many of the early drivers have been found complaining about it. Moving on, the dash is made out of leather but the finishing is again what hurts the vehicle. It is by no means impressive and falls in the “average” category. Comparing the design and material used in the interior with some of the competitors, the 2015 Alfa Romeo Sprint is surely lagging behind. There is also an unwanted reflection of the dash on the screen, which is a distraction to the driver.

2015 Alfa Romeo Sprint On Road

The turbocharged engine, which produces some good power of 148 hp can also produce 184 lb-ft of torque. The car can go from a standstill position to 62mph in only 8.2 seconds, which is acceptable especially considering the price tag it carries. The vehicle can attain a top speed of 130 mph and gives a combined mileage of 49.6 mpg.

Complementing the powerful engines are the sophisticated chassis, which add to the stability of the vehicle. According to most early testers the car drives pretty smoothly despite having those 17 inches alloys. Transmission offered is 6-speed manual and 2015 Alfa Romeo Sprint is a front-wheel drive. No matter what type of a terrain it is, this car is likely to give you a sound ride with a lot of balance and road grip.

The Alfa Romeo Sprint is a pretty vehicle to say the least. Buyers who are bored with Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus will definitely consider buying this car and will be offered complete value for money. The date is not announced yet, but Sprint would be available a couple of months before 2016.

7 Photos of the 2015 Alfa Romeo Sprint; A Mix Bag!

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