2015 Artega Scalo Is A Promising Electric Sports Car

Artega’s owners filed for bankruptcy back in 2012, but only three years after, the refreshed team full of new ideas and enthusiasm wowed the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 revealing an all new Artega car after three years of silence. The new effort from the German car producer comes just in time when the world is rather enchanted by the prospects of electric cars. The new Artega is an electric car dubbed the Scalo and it is based on the old Artega GT design conceived by the none other than controversial Henrik Fisker.

While it has the updated looks previously seen on the classic Artega GT, the designers did improve it a bit with some rather appealing details, such as new bumpers, nice roof bulges and blackened front lights with a lot of LEDs apparently. No doubt, it looks quite nice and serious with all the new details, yet the most important change happened deep inside where an old 3.5 L engine was thrown out along with all the equipment making it work. 2015 Artega Scalo designed and integrated an all new electric propulsion system with the help of electric motor producers Voltabox. The engines located at the back are powerful. Although the ICE powered Artega GT had a power of around 300hp, the new car with all new electric engines goes all the way to 402hp and 778 Nm. This is a huge gain which, along with some construction works needed for the battery installation, demanded from the engineers to improve the chassis and the suspension. Luckily, the weight did not go too much up. It tips the scales at 3,494 lbs which is fairly reasonable considering the massively powerful engines. Yet, this is a small car so with more carbon-fiber features its weight could even go down a bit.

2015 Artega Scalo Auto Expo

A majority of the weight is apparently very close to the ground. 37 kWh batteries help lower the center of gravity and largely improve driving characteristics. 20-inch tires are not set here just by chance. Those who will have access to the 2015 Artega Scalo should enjoy impressive acceleration to 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds and the top speed of 155 mph. Considering that the electric cars have some problems about top speed (especially batteries which are under stress due to providing power at such a high rate), 155 mph is actually awesome.

Apparently, awesomeness does not end there. The 2015 Artega Scalo with 37 kWh batteries has a range of 250 miles (hard to believe, but, the specs say it like that) and they can be recharged in 10 hours. With some additional riggs, battery charging can be reduced to two hours (even to one hour with the 64 kW DC quick charger).

For all is known, Artega actually sells their newest car but only to selected customers. 12 of them to be precise. After the Frankfurt Motor Show, Artega officials announced the production of 12 units of the Artega Scalo. The one on the show had all done interior even complete with the infotainment system. We cannot wait for a new one.

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