2015 Audi S5

The 2015 Audi S5 is in its second generation and it feels more like an Audi. Albeit, there have been some major changes incorporated under the hood. However, it only helps rev up the S5’s power without having to push too much throttle. The new Audi S5 is the new face of efficiency, without compromising style or class. The new Audi S5 has its 4.2 L V8 six speed transmission replaced by a 3.0 L direct injection V6 seven speed dual clutch transmission that pumps more power and is quicker than the previous version. Of course you will not be hearing anymore of the heavy rumble when you hit the ignition. The new Audi S5 still manages to produce a heavy, bass rumble of 333 horsepower at the lower speeds while sounding like a fast progression of music as higher speeds are reached. It also manages that much power with 325 ft-lbs of torque. It has a brilliant pick up from 0 to 60 in just 4.9s, which is only 0.3s more than what the Audi RS5 takes. It has also incorporated the Quattro four wheel driving experience that promises better communication between the driver and the car. It makes for sharper turns in tight corners and better grip. However, there still seems like some more slack in the steering mechanism. It is not one of those features that one is likely to notice, but if you do, it is going to stay with you.

The 2015 Audi S5 has one of the most conscientious styles and has not involved any unnecessary detailing besides adding to its aerodynamics. The Audi logo sits on the grille. It is the polished design for a twin door coupe, with 18 inch alloy wheels. Other features include tri-zone automatic climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, fog lights, xenon headlights, and LED tail lights. The Audi S5 includes Google Earth integrated with the navigation, albeit on a fairly smaller screen, and the voice command system. It uses a live 3G connection. Also, the screen must be handled manually, in the sense there is no provision for a touch screen. Surprisingly, the sound of the Audi S5’s engine can also be controlled using the Audi Drive Select System which basically grants the driver “driving experience” options. Fiddle around with the driving options to suit different terrain. The Cruise Control system has an added feature of the collision warning system. The 2015 Audi S5 has further safety features like Blind Spot detection, and a rear view mirror with trajectory and distance lines overlaid on it, regular airbags installed in the side curtains, dual front, and the around the knees. The black Optic feature adds 19 inch titanium rotor design wheels along with black exteriors.

2015 Audi S5 Front

The 2015 Audi S5 is not particularly cheap in its category, but it is one of the best cars on offer. The pocket pinch is absolutely worthy since Audi makes for an impeccable driving experience.

10 Photos of the 2015 Audi S5

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