2015 BMW 228i

Twenty years ago motoring journalists from all over the world praised the BMW 3 series as the perfectly executed car with handsome looks, perfect dimensions and beautiful powered engines. Now, in 2015 they are doing it again. This time, however, the praise goes for the one number short of three – the BMW 2 series, which, for the model year 2015, comes in a wonderfully packed 228i variant.

Dimensioned very similarly to the famous BMW E36 from the Nineties (the new 2 series is exact the same length as the 3 series E36), the BMW 228i represents the best new age take on the small sporty compact coupes. The car is, clearly a successor to the BMW 1 series coupe, but with architecture closely related to the BMW 1 series F22 and the looks of the new age BMW vehicles, the 2015 BMW 2 series can become a hit on the market as Audi A3 Sedan and Mercedes CLA, its biggest competitors are.

2015 BMW 228i Rear Exterior

Apart from receiving wonderful exterior looks dominated by aggressive front end with large headlights and stylistically elegant rear end, the BMW 2 series features well known style details that link it to the best BMW vehicles from the past. Hofmeister kink at the rear window, prominent creases and folds at the sides and small rear spoiler are just some of the many important features that positioned the new 2015 BMW 228i deep into the BMW world. Interior is even more in line with the current BMW offering. BMW made it clear and simple with use of well-known touches such as a display with iDrive software, simple (maybe too simple) instrument cluster and fine crafted leather seats that are positioned much lower than the seats in other similar cars. This way the sporty character have been retained and even accentuated thus making this rear wheel drive car one of the most attractive on the market.

The 2015 BMW 228i is powered by a two liter TwinPower Turbo engine which develops a shy more than 240 HP. Even though this is a four cylinder engine, the turbocharger and ECU tweaks made it rather potent and with the right gear inside the car, this engine enables the 228i to accelerate to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. Taking into account that is far from the most powerful version of the 2 series; this result is quite a feat. Two generation old BMW M3 could do something similar. This result can be achieved when the 228i is equipped with xDrive system and eight speed automatic transmission which is according to the BMW one of the smoothest and quietest on the market. With four different modes to choose from (Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport and Sport +), the 2015 BMW 228i can be adapted for basically any situation. What’s more, the 2015 BMW 228i is available with the optional Track Handling Package that brings up some rather impressive equipment such as Adaptive M suspension which rings the car one third of an inch closer to the ground, 18 inch wheels with special Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires, bigger brakes, mechanical steering rack and other sporty equipment. This way, the 2015 BMW 228i can become rather formidable sporty machine that is able to provide exceptional performance on the track. Interestingly, Track Handling Package is available with 6 speed manual transmission or with the 8 speed automatic transmission.

13 Photos of the 2015 BMW 228i

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