2015 BMW 7 Series Is The Car To Revolutionize The Industry

It is new, it is fresh and it is better than ever. This is the 2015 BMW 7 series – the first BMW car with the G-code name (G11) and it certainly is the type of a machine destined to change the game completely. While it looks, design features and posture definitely were built on the design of previous generations, the new BMW 7 series is an all new car with so many novelties it even dwarfs the new S-class and the old Audi A8 of course. BMW made the new car from the ground up and in the process, they developed an all-new platform, created a new production process and build the car with the newest technologies available. This is the first mass-produced car in the world with carbon fiber structural enhancements set up throughout the base architecture.

BMW even had to increase the output capacity of the carbon fiber production facility to meet the demand for the production of the new 2015 BMW 7 Series. With the new carbon fiber parts integrated into the construction, the new 7 series became far lighter, but a whole lot stiffer than before. New air suspension working together with far superior insulating materials compared with the ones installed before, created a yacht-like experience on the inside. NVH values are dramatically reduced. This translates to plush, quiet, effortless and comfortable ride additionally boosted by the opulence inside the cabin which is on par with the best the industry can offer. Nappa leather smartly entwined on every panel makes it almost as elegant as the best British limousines. Of course, the 2015 BMW 7 Series is not all about luxury and expensive materials. This is BMW’s flagship, so newly developed technology, new hardware, and all the most amazing features are debuting here.

2015 BMW 7 Series Front Interior View

In this case, BMW equipped its pride and joy with gesture control system for infotainment and awesome remote control parking. This feature makes you sort of a Batman. Basically, when you click some buttons on the rather nice looking key fob, the car can unpark itself and drive all the way to you. OK, it does not work as a bat mobile exactly and it does not do it that fast, but it is quite awesome to see the car move all by itself.

Apart from many almost Sci-Fi stuff, the 7 series brought a few more “first-time” features in this segment of BMW world. First off, the engines inside can be diesel engines, petrol engines, hybrid propulsion systems, four, six, eight and twelve bangers. All are turbocharged of course, with the biggest engine available being the V12 much the same as in the Roller. The 6.6L TwinPower Turbo engine develops 600hp total and it is a part of a car called the M760i xDrive. This is the first one with an M on it and boy is it fast. Large limousine, with ZF eight speed automatic and an all-wheel drive system, is capable of accelerating the thing to 62 mph in 3,9 seconds. This is the sports car segment and the BMW can perform there thanks in part to the rear wheel steering system and awesome driving aids improving all the prospects far above anything its competition can achieve.

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