2015 BMW M235i Might Be the Best Car That Came Out Of BMW in Years

Ever since BMW stopped the production of the E30 M3 back at the beginning of the Nineties, car enthusiasts wanted a small simple, yet extremely and fun sedan back. Now, BMW makes the first steps to make the car the enthusiast will love and cherish – the new M2. However, even at this moment, BMW has a car that fulfills all “wet dreams” of the RWD fans and it’s called the M235i. The 2015 BMW M235i reached the status of the ultimate fun in the simple way as we can comprehend it today. Reality is that the cars of today cannot be so small and insecure as before, so the newest M235i is basically the same dimensions as the BMW 3 series Coupe from the Nineties (e36), although the 2 series is a car one segment below that old 3 series.

Even though it shares its exterior dimensions with the M3 E36 and it clearly shares the same engine layout (inline six), the M235i is much different car in comparison with any before. Cars have evolved rather impressive in the last decade, so the tech inside the M235i improved it in basically every way. What does that really mean? It means that the 2015 BMW M235i is faster, better looking, more fuel efficient, safer, better formed and tougher than any genuine M car from before including the M3 e46 and the older M3 e36.

2015 BMW M235i Shift Lever 1

The M235i is capable of achieving 60 mph in 4.6 seconds (some car testers even succeeded to bring the car to 60 in mind  boggling 4.3 seconds) when equipped with proper equipment. By “proper” we think of an 18 inch wheels with high performance tires and an eight speed automatic transmission that changes gears much faster and much more efficient that any human ever would.

The 2015 BMW M235i is therefore the perfect “drivers” car whose dynamics, fun to drive factor and sheer speed are even better than those in the two gen old genuine M cars. 2015 is the first model year for the M235i. Standard equipment is rather impressive as it includes a top notch iDrive infotainment system as well as a number of technological improvements over the usual 2 series Coupe. That includes M Performance tuned suspension with stiffer springs and dampers, some sort of suspension control system as well as sports tuned differential and reworked transmission (six speed manual and eight speed automatic).

However, the centerpiece of this car is a three liter inline six engine which, thanks to Twin Power Turbo technology provides in excess of 320 HP and 330 lb ft of torque. Such power provides the car with performance that would be found incredible only fifteen years ago. The engine is sourced from other M cars and it teems with technology features that are advanced enough to make the car fuel efficient and kind to the environment (as it emits 176 grams of CO2 per kilometer).

Impressively equipped car with parts sourced from the M performance and a driving characteristics better than the old “real” M cars make the M235i one of the best modern “drivers” cars which only says that the car enthusiast are still the priority for the premium car manufacturers.

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