2015 BMW X4 Concept

German car manufacturer, BMW is reportedly in the spring will produce the newest crossover 2015 BMW X4. This model is based on the X3 by adopting design-inspired sporty X6.

More aggressive front fascia with a prominent grille flanked by twin lights and fog lights are typical. While on the back there are swooping roofline that mimics a classic coupe.

A recent report has been published, marking the production version of the 2015 BMW X4 Concept. This model will soon be anchored in the title of the New York Motor Show in April.

The concept itself had exhibited BMW on the mat Shanghai Motor Show in April 2013. For details, BMW still shut up about this new innards crossver coupe. But, like the birth of a production variant of the concept, the X4 will look similar to the previous concept, both the exterior and the driving source. For the body itself as the X6 looks more stylish than the X5, 2015 BMW X4 will appear more compact than the X3 is a sleek.

Like the concept, the kitchen spur is expected to carry a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2 liters. While the more expensive models will be equipped by burning six-cylinder with a capacity of 3 liters. For strength, the four-cylinder version will be spewing 240 hp. While 300 hp will be obtained from the six-cylinder models. Plugin electric hybrid variant itself is likely present in the model choice.

In Europe, the 2015 BMW X4 will carry diesel and gasoline engines, either in four or six-cylinder models. While girbox choice will be given 3 options; six-speed manual, seven-speed double-clutch automatic, and an eight-speed conventional automatic. For the choice for the American market has been no further information given this new variant will be released to market in European countries.

X4 variants will be made in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In the same factory BMW also makes a variant X5, X6, and X3. As we reported above, the X4 will greet the public for the first time at the New York Motor Show in April. As for its presence in the showroom will be followed as a model in 2015.
2015 BMW X4 will be priced at $ 42,000

24 Photos of the 2015 BMW X4 Concept

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