2015 Bugatti Veyron – The benchmark

If you were looking for automotive supremacy, look no further. The most powerful, fastest production – as Bugatti announced it. And with a price tag of $1.5 million, it is also the most expensive production car in the world, so you also get exclusivity along with the sheer performance and the sumptuous luxury of the 2015 Bugatti Veyron.

In order to obtain its promised title of the fastest production car, Bugatti fitted the car with a 16 cylinders 8 liter engine. Imagine two 4 liter V8’s working together on the same crankshaft. And now imagine that someone in the high chairs of Bugatti’s management looked at it and went: “this could definitely do with more power. Strap 4 (FOUR!) turbochargers in there and that should do it.” The end result – enough power to restart a dead planet. 1001 bhp and 922 lb-ft of torque, to be precise. Coupled with an F1-style 7-speed DSG gearbox and permanent Haldex all-wheel-drive, this engine will propel the Veyron from 0 to 62 in a ferocious 2.5 seconds and on to a top speed of nerve-wrecking 253 mph. For the drag racers out there, 1/4 mile is dispatched in roughly 10 seconds, so yes; this is a “10 seconds car”. Stunning engineering when you consider that, clocking in at almost 4500 pounds, this car is no feather-weight by any stretch of imagination – despite its aluminium and carbon-fiber body panels. Just to get an idea of how fast this thing is, here are some additional numbers.  0-124mph in 7.3 sec. 0-186mph in 16.7 sec. Impressive, isn’t it? And it’s not an one-trick straight-line-speed pony either, the Haldex all-wheel-drive, massive carbon-ceramic brakes, sticky tires and the Bosch stability control, all doing an excellent job at keeping this monster on the right track, when the going gets bendy.

2015 Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Regardless of its scary big numbers (price included), the 2015 Bugatti Veyron is quite easy to live with, on a daily basis. There are some exceptions, like the lack of storage space (but then again, it’s not a utility vehicle, is it?) and poor visibility (low profile side windows and thick A-pillars), but those go with most supercars and hypercars, so you can’t really complain. But unlike quite a few of its competitors, the Bugatti Veyron offers a pretty comfy ride when you’re not absolutely hammering it. The ride is firm but not teeth-shattering and the DSG gearbox does an excellent job, regardless of it being in racing-style manual settings or just plain automatic. 250 mph or 25 mph, the car just performs flawlessly.

On the inside, the 2015 Bugatti Veyron cushions its occupants in acres of suede and leather with stylish aluminium accents. Of course, no plastic is to be seen in such a luxurious cabin. And if you think that, according to Bugatti’s CEO, the average Veyron owner has 84 cars, 3 jets and 1 yacht, nothing less that opulent luxury would cut it.

Although there are quite a few hypercars out there, the 2015 Bugatti Veyron is truly a unique car, in a league of its own. It is a street legal rocket, capable of mind-boggling speeds in excess of 250 mph and an acceleration close to what time-travel probably feels, all wrapped up in a very luxurious and eye-catching package. The only downside to owning a Veyron (no, it’s not the fuel economy) is not having roads fast enough to fully unleash its potential. Despite being launched almost 10 years ago, this car still feels a bit ahead of its time and this can only make us even more eager to see the Veyron’s replacement, announced for the early 2016. Some jaw-dropping numbers to be expected.

12 Photos of the 2015 Bugatti Veyron – The benchmark

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