2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport – Drive it to believe it

2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport

The 2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport is a car that has engineering beauty, not something you would like if you’re not a fan of “beneath the bonnet” stuff. Such a person would define 2015 Veyron as a machine that resembles an insect with its weird curves and huge tires and such a person wouldn’t be reading this review anyway. The curiosity won’t be killing the cat in this case. But for people who know what the BUGATTI is all about get ready to expect the unexpected with this year’s Veyron Super Sport.

You can easily spot BUGATT’s trademark signs on the tail. You are also likely to notice the numbers 16 & 4 stamped on the top of the engine, which has not been covered to keep the cooling system working at its optimal. In case you are wondering what these numbers represent, the 16 and 4 actually denotes 16 cylinders with 4 turbo chargers. These numbers actually produces a whooping 987bhp with 922 lb-ft of torque. Figures like these can only be produced by an “out of this world” engine, which comes in the shape of 8.0-litre W 16 in 2015 BUGATTI Super Sport. Does this sound ordinary? Well, do you know what “W” means? It represents 2 4.0-litres V8s. The engine is undoubtedly a beast!

2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport Gauge Cluster

2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport has everything right about it. It has a new design with narrower A-pillar, which allows better visibility something that you desperately need flying on the roads at 250 mph.

When you are set to take the seat, which is made from pure carbon fiber you will notice a luxurious cover of thick leather squeezing you in. Although the driver’s seat is said to be lower than usual, that’s something driver will get use to quickly. The beautiful console in front of you will catch your attention immediately; it has all the details in shape of meters, a driver would want. Talking too much about its design is useless as you can ask for anything you want, except rear seats off course.

Bugatti Veyron can amaze you when it comes to performance and speed. It can reach 60 mph in mere 2.46 seconds. If you are already comparing the speed to F1, you are not to be blamed. This amazing car can reach 200 mph in exactly the same time as McLaren. Now that is performance and speed for you!

2015 BUGATTI Super Sport approximately weighs 1900 KGs and keeping the heavy weight in mind, it has immaculate body control at high speeds. The company claims that Bugatti Super sport is as smooth and as uncomplicated as driving a Bentley but this has yet to be seen. The best thing about this car is its ability to be driven almost anywhere due to high level of control and an ideal size.

The maintenance cost of 2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport car is definitely on the higher side but considering the fact that it touches the speed of 100 mph more than the landing speed of Concord – everything then begins to make sense.

10 Photos of the 2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport – Drive it to believe it

2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport Wheel2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport Shift Lever2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport Rear View2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport on Track2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport Interior2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport Gauge Cluster2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport Black Carbon Edition2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport2015 BUGATTI Veyron Super Sport

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