2015 Buick Anthem – American car built for China!

Creating a modern mid-sized SUV is a rather tough project to endeavor at these times. Don’t get us wrong, thanks to the possibility of sharing all the components with other similar cars, the creation of a SUV is not a tough job physically, but it is extremely tough to market the thing after it’s been built. Buick is one of the manufacturers who currently march through the adventure of a mid size SUV creation. Its newest prototype is called the 2015 Buick Anthem and it will come on the turf where dozens of different Japanese, European, Korean and American SUVs rule.

Luckily, Buick is not alone in this. Developing a whole new platform for mid-sized SUVs, GM looks forward to develop a range of similar SUVs, one of which will be the 2015 Buick Anthem. Others will possibly be the GMC Terrain and the Chevy Equinox. Besides getting similar, if not the same, under-the-metal tech as the GMC and the Chevy, Buick is expected to be the handsomest one of the lot. Thanks to their new design philosophy which brought a few rather special vehicles, the three shield logo will adorn the SUV which will carry an aerodynamically enhanced body with a prominent grill, headlights that echo those from the Regal, and a rear side which will be a bit shrunken like an “Enclave-type rear end”. There is nothing wrong with it. Actually, getting similar lines as the most beautiful cars Buick has in its lineup means that we will enjoy the rakishly decorated Buicks in the future as well.

Buick Anthem Spy Shot

So, we know that the Anthem will be larger than the Encore, but smaller in comparison with the large three-row Enclave. Also, the car will surely get a new name. According to recent speculations in the automotive journalism world, the 2015 Buick Anthem will possibly be called Enspire or Envision, which would be consistent with their SUV nomenclature.

The interior of the car will closely resemble the luxury ambiance found in the Enclave, but we can expect a lot of new modern features such as contemporary infotainment system with Internet connectivity. A range of different trim levels including those that a bring panoramic roof, Satellite radio and host of safety features such as advanced cruise control, blind spot monitoring system and advanced navigation software will be available. However, the most impressive stuff will be buried under the hood. Four cylinder engines will power the SUV for sure and the base one will probably be a 2.5 liter engine with somewhere around 190 HP. Buick enthusiasts hope that GM will include their wonderful two liter four cylinder which develops 259 HP in the lineup also. The V6 might be available too, but it will be reserved for the most expensive versions. It is expected that the 2015 Buick Anthem receives a front engine-front wheel drive layout, but the four wheel drive will be available for some trim levels.

All in all, the Buick Anthem will be revealed later this year and it will go on sale in 2015 as a 2016 model. The car is, unfortunately, aimed at the Chinese market, but US customers will get a few of them also. What’s more, it would not be strange if the GM rebadged the 2015 Buick Anthem and sold it in Europe as an Opel vehicle.

4 Photos of the 2015 Buick Anthem – American car built for China!

Buick Anthem Spy Shot2015 Buick Anthem2015 Buick Anthem SUV Cars2015 Buick Anthem Spy

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