2015 DACIA Lodgy; The Big, Just Got Bigger and Better

Renault owned company, DACIA is all set to make it big in the multi-purpose vehicle market with their new launch of DACIA Lodgy this year. The vehicle however is likely to face some stiff competition from some of the big names in the industry. Satisfied with the success of DACIA Duster, the company is aiming high and expecting good results with Lodgy as well. The company has said that this vehicle will be a game changer, which will offer the performance of a sedan and space of an MPV. Let us find out how capable the vehicle is in reality.

When we talk about the design of 2015 DACIA Lodgy, it is definitely missing that “WOW Factor” – but one thing is for sure, it is going to stick to its reputation and offer complete safety to the passengers. Having said that, the Lodgy doesn’t look bad at all. It has conventional styling, which is assembled together in way that makes the vehicle look cool. The front is pretty ordinary with extended grille and that neat manufacturer’s logo in the middle. The front lights are redesigned, which makes DACIA Lodgy look big in size. The lower part of the bumper adds to the beauty – it has fog lamps installed with elegant chrome surrounding it. From the side-on, the vehicle looks quite big and glassy. It has nothing out of the ordinary is design but the vehicle looks big, full and elegant.

2015 DACIA Lodgy White

Entering the cabin, the first thing you’ll notice is the easy by which you can get in. The height of the design is probably the reason for that – Something that is ideal for elderly people. Everything inside the cabin is a bit higher in class and quality as compared to the Duster. Layer designed, grey and beige dashboard with clutter free console is very noticeable if you’re at the front seats. The console, a touch screen has everything a driver needs like instant fuel average, fuel efficiency etc. Features and designs like air vents, door handles, and gear knobs are pretty similar to that of DACIA Duster.

Moving on to the performance, the vehicle comes with the standard 1.5-litre DCI diesel engine. It will produce around 108 HP coupled with 180 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle is a typical highway performer with typical 6-speed manual transmission. The manual transmission can be irritating in cramped city conditions. 2015 DACIA Lodgy can reach 62 mph from 0 in 12 seconds, which is quite impressive for an MPV. The vehicle has an exceptional, average fuel efficiency of 42 mpg.

The 2015 DACIA Lodgy has all the attributes of a great MPV. With high-tech features and good design, the company is expecting to target good volume of consumers in the market. From the looks of it, it seems possible but how the market and customers react is still to be seen.

5 Photos of the 2015 DACIA Lodgy; The Big, Just Got Bigger and Better

2015 DACIA Lodgy White2015 DACIA Lodgy Right Exterior2015 DACIA Lodgy Media Console2015 DACIA Lodgy Left Exterior2015 DACIA Lodgy Gear Knob

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