2015 Dacia Logan – Low Cost vehicle that does not save on space

Romanian car manufacturer Dacia is not the most known in the US. In short, Dacia is a brand that produces low-cost (very low cost) vehicles with old technology sourced from Renault. Thanks to the low price, well tested technology and very competitive warranty service, Dacia vehicles are very popular in Eastern Europe and one of the most popular vehicles they offer is Logan. Two generation of the car have been revealed with the first Logan hitting the market back in 2004. Second generation model introduced in 2012 brought updated design, much more upscale interior, infotainment system and new gen engines including some turbocharged units. Now, Dacia released the newest 2015 Dacia Logan which is basically the same car as before, but with a few more modern touches.

First of all, we have to say that the 2015 Dacia Logan is a small sedan based on the architecture of the old Renault city car Clio. The base old architecture was modified by installing a bit more robust dampers, slightly more rigid subframe and it was adapted to cope with larger dimensions. Despite these modifications, the price remained at the low end. In some countries in Europe, the Dacia Logan is available for purchase from $9.500, which is much cheaper than the cheapest American car available. It is fair to say that the base version is not just an empty can. It is available with power locks, power windows, ABS, three harness seat belts and, in some countries, even with air conditioning devices. The Dacia Logan is a car that basically does not have a direct competitor in its price class. Its cabin is bigger and roomier in comparison with many compact cars and the 505 liter boot is amazingly large and practical. However, luxury is not the word anyone could use in the same sentence even with the pricier Logans. The plastic inside is cheap, seats are not as comfortable as in other small European hatchbacks and the driving characteristics are not what you would call engaging or exciting. That, off course, is not a surprise. The 2015 Dacia Logan is one of the cheapest cars on the planet and the buyers recognized its other advantages such as reliability, low running cost and fairly modern engines with multipoint injection system. That said, it is fair to regard the Logan as a modern car. It is equipped with airbags, crumple zones are widespread and every model is equipped with the driving aids such as ABS and ESP.

2015 Dacia Logan Rear

In the engine department, Dacia offers Renault sourced small one liter, 1.2 liter  and 1.6 liter gasoline engines. Very popular engine in Europe is the 1.5 liter diesel engine which is one of the most produced Renault engines of all times. This engine, in slightly modified form is installed in the new Mercedes A class, so the quality of this engine is not questionable.

All in all, the 2015 Dacia Logan is a very interesting low cost European car. Besides the sedan version, the Logan is available in the so called MCW form. MCV stands for Maximum Capacity Vehicle and the Logan MCV is basically a caravan that can be equipped with seven seats.

10 Photos of the 2015 Dacia Logan – Low Cost vehicle that does not save on space

2015 Dacia Logan2015 Dacia Logan Right Side View2015 Dacia Logan Rear2015 Dacia Logan Rear View2015 Dacia Logan Passenger Seats2015 Dacia Logan On Track2015 Dacia Logan On Road2015 Dacia Logan Left Side View2015 Dacia Logan Interior2015 Dacia Logan Front Interior

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