2015 Fiat 500X City Look Is An Urban People Mover Trying To Be Appealing

Harmonizing the ever present off-road wishes with the real world where kids have to get to school and the wallet cannot handle throwing out so much on petrol is not that hard these days. Many interesting crossovers garnish billboards all over the country, with the 2015 Fiat 500X City Look being one of the best offers out there.

This is, more or less, just a somewhat better-equipped version of the classic 500X with a few of interesting features created to please the eye of urban people. Interestingly, Fiat calls this thing an S.U.V., but not in a usual way. This is not a Sport Utility Vehicle, but a Stylish Urban Vehicle. Really, we like it like this more as this small detail gives the 500X a tad more personality than we ever hoped seeing.

2015 Fiat 500X City Lights

Additional hardware is quite profound. Apart from standard features which include air conditioning, cruise control with speed limiter and Radio (with USB and Bluetooth), the popular City Look package garnishes the 500X with alloy wheels, chrome trim, rear parking sensors and even awesome integrated fog lights which complete the picture of the ultimate urban mover.

The inspiration for the creation of the 2015 Fiat 500X City look was the small legendary Fiat 500. The Italians wanted to improve the already proven form by adding a small front grille, nice flashy wheels and chromed details on the outside such as chrome door handles.

Interestingly enough, the standard equipment includes a whole lot of safety features. Fiat obviously created a car which can tackle even the most advanced entrants in the popular city crossover category. For these reasons, this car includes six airbags for all occupants, awesome active safety equipment such as ESP, ASR, ABS, Hill Holder and the like.

Coupled with smartly integrated passive safety features, this hardware promises one of the most comprehensive safety programs ever integrated on small Fiat cars.

However, do not be tricked by the compact size of the 500X. It can deliver a serious punch with four different engines in offer. Fiat prepared it even with a naturally aspirated 1.6L petrol unit developing 110hp. Although this engine will be most popular in developing countries, it definitely can give enough power for a fancy crossover. Other three engines (two diesel and a petrol one) are all turbocharged. The most powerful one is well-known 1.4 L Multiair with 140hp, and the diesel includes 1.3 L Multijet with 95hp and 1.6 L Multijet with 120hp. No, we cannot find more powerful engines for the 500X City Look, but consider that this is a compact car. 140hp on tap is plenty enough for it.

All in all, the 2015 Fiat 500X City Look is like a nicely groomed flower created to appeal to urban buyers. It is available with numerous personalization options as well as 12 special colors giving it a somewhat exclusive touch.

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