2015 Ford B-Max – Ingeniously Designed with Great Fuel Economy

The all-new Ford B-Max for the year of 2015 has been developed specifically for the urban driver. It’s very compact, has world class technology and offers an excellent fuel economy for both city and highway. The car also comes with an easy-access system to open both doors on each side of the car. Given that the aperture is 1.5m wide, the all new Ford B-Max provides the customers with a spacious and comfortable cabin.

The 2015 B-Max has been created with a unique body style. Although not quite as stunning as any other car in its class, the all new B-Max has a body shape that is very utilitarian, but still has a close resemblance to the Ford Fiesta. The exterior has not been changed for the year of 2015. When the doors are both opened either right or left side, the structural pillars are exposed. These pillars divide the front side and the rear side of the car, but in the new 2015 Ford B-Max has been ingeniously assimilated into the doors themselves. This allows easy entry access into and out of the car without any obstructions.

2015 Ford B-Max Interior

The interior has been defined to be roomy, spacious and elegant. The 2015 B-Max has been made with subtle colors that portray a contrasting detail with a hint of chrome lining. The panoramic sunroof adds the natural light into the interior, giving the driver and the passengers a beautiful view of the sky. Ford decided to add an option for the front and the rear passenger seats in the all-new B-Max that fold flat, allowing the customer a large loading space with a depth of 7.71 ft.

The 2015 Ford B-Max includes a small LCD screen in the center console together with a myriad of buttons to adjust the multimedia system, air condition and other controls. The steering wheel also includes convenient controls for the driver to change the multimedia system with a simple touch. The B-Max was used with premium materials, includes leather trimmed material on the seats, gearshift and steering wheel.

The 2015 Ford B-Max is available with an extensive range of different engines: The new 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine that outputs 98, 118 and 123 hp; 1.4 liter Duratec engine that outputs 88 hp and the 1.6 Ti VCT engine with a PowerShift gearbox that outputs 103.6 hp.

The two diesel engines that are offered in the 2015 B-Max include: 1.6 liter TDCi that produces 94 hp and the 1.5 liter TDCi that outputs 74 hp. The 1.6 liter has a low CO2 emission of 104 g/km while the 1.5 liter has a slightly higher CO2 consumption of 109 g/km.

The 2015 Ford B-Max, together with its large range of engines has many features that provide an excellent fuel economy. The 2015 B-Max has an Auto Start-Stop that automatically turns off the engine while the B-Max is stationary at a stoplight. The engine restarts when the driver begins to move once again. Ford has also added a Smart Regenerative Charging system in the 2015 B-Max that charges the car battery only when needed. It converts the braking force into electric energy to assist in recharging the battery while the car is slowing down. This helps to save the fuel and increase the mile range.

The 2015 Ford B-Max also includes a smart information system that when in Ford’s Eco Mode, assesses the way that the driver’s way of driving affects the fuel consumption. The software gives suggestions on how to improve the fuel consumption in accordance to the driving preference of the customer.

The 2015 Ford B-Max is a very fuel efficient car for the urban driver. The MSRP starts at the price of $20,307 and is sold primarily in Europe. It’s an excellent car that offers many features that consumer’s look for in a car to save money on fuel consumption.

5 Photos of the 2015 Ford B-Max – Ingeniously Designed with Great Fuel Economy

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