2015 Ford Bronco; Dream SUV!

FORD Bronco is one of the best productions that FORD is set to release this year. This latest SUV is expected to have a top class performance. It is on the TV and is one of the highly advertised vehicles at the moment. The pictures of its interior and exterior are floating over internet contributing to its publicity.

People who love going on long road trips, particularly off roads and are fishing for elegance, this particular model is exactly what they need. It contains a gadget that will easily let you navigate the difficult terrains that you will come across on your way.

2015 Ford Bronco Side Exterior

The anticipated release date of the new 2015 FORD Bronco is expected to be in the last quarter of this year. However, there has not been any official word on the release date from the FORD itself and if there are any difficulties they might even think about changing the date of release.

The all-new 2015 FORD Bronco is a revolution in the SUV world and will be revealed in almost every famous motor shows before the dealership starts.

There are rumors that the 2015 FORD Bronco might have a lot of alterations to its design. However, there is not a lot of information regarding the new vehicle as FORD has not yet revealed the details of specification and figures. However, some reports claim that the 2015 Bronco is likely to have a similar chassis as FORD F-150 because both the vehicles are similar in nature.

One exciting thing about this is, both the models will have 4-wheel drive system and may share more mechanical parts. The shape of the vehicle, according to the pictures released so far, is very Boxy with round shaped headlamps.  It is also expected to have grille made of chrome that go from right to left.

It is not expected to have an extravagant interior and will have a very plain look and the dashboard might not be loaded with all the high tech stuff that typical FORD vehicles contain.

The 2015 FORD bronco is likely to have an option of three engines for its consumers. The three engines include 3.5l EcoBoost, 4.5l V6 and the last one 5.0I V8. All of them are diesel engines. The amount of power these engines will produce is still unknown but as far as the transmission is concerned it might come up with a twin clutch manual/automatic. The EPA ratings of the vehicle are also not known so far either.

The price of the new 2015 FORD Bronco is expected to be 26,000 US dollars. Nothing official is out from the FORD yet but one thing is for certain that it is most likely to be out in the last quarter of this year or by the starting of next year. The Bronco will be competing against names like wrangler and Toyota FJ.

8 Photos of the 2015 Ford Bronco; Dream SUV!

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