2015 FORD Expedition – The Economy Redefined

About ten years ago, when gas prices were only about a couple of dollars, people always preferred buying big SUVs, solely because of the reason that they found it easier to afford a powerful V8 engine. Even if they didn’t have a lot of stuff to load on they would still prefer big SUVs as opposed to small ones, even though they were a lot more efficient when it came to fuel consumption. The notion was to go big no matter what.

The 2015 FORD Expedition ’s entry to the market is a good indication how things have transformed over the past decade. The fuel prices are blowing out of proportion; in fact, they are actually double the price than they were a decade ago.  With increase in fuel prices, the opinion of an ordinary American has also changed; they now believe that going big isn’t always an ideal thing to do. The increase in gas prices isn’t only a matter of concern for ordinary people; automobile companies are also putting their heads together to produce fuel-efficient vehicles while keeping in mind the high fuel prices.

2015 FORD Expedition Headlight

Ford has finally come up with a solution that is sure to satisfy its consumers, the addition of EcoBoost engine is the answer to the fuel efficiency in the 2015 Ford Expedition. The vehicle has turbocharged V6 with EcoBoost technology, which does not only consume less fuel; it actually produces more HP as well as torque.  But hold up, this isn’t the only thing to look for in the all-new FORD Expedition, the vehicle has received some major styling with new trim options, excellent safety features and infotainment tech to make sure that the drivers get everything for his investment.

The V6 installed in the 2015 FORD Expedition is capable of producing up to 365 HP and the torque d 420 lbs-ft. The all-new EcoBoost 3.5-L V6 is actually a lot better than the V8 it is replacing when it comes to producing power. Even at low acceleration, it can produce the maximum amount of torque, which is perfect for those who are willing to pull a heavy trailer or boat.

As far as the fuel efficiency is concerned, they have not been put to test yet. FORD has not released the official ratings so far, however, it is expected to be better than the previous model. To be exact, there is going to be 15% improvement in the fuel economy. The latest expedition’s most efficient version is expected to give about 16 mpg inside the city, whereas on the highway, they vehicle is expected to give 23 mpg.

When it comes to styling, the FORD claims that the drivers, who buy SUVs, always prefer the conservative look, however, the latest 2015 Ford Expedition has received a bit of a makeover with a new grille at the front, headlights and a lot more. The cabin of the vehicle is a lot fresher than before giving its drivers an excellent ambiance.

9 Photos of the 2015 FORD Expedition – The Economy Redefined

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