2015 GMC Savana Cargo Is An Old Van Making Difference In The New World

The 2015 GMC Savana Cargo Van is all about work, practicality, and power. The Van is among the last proper commercial vans riding body-on-frame chassis but it seems that its latest version slowly announces the final outing from the market. European-style vans invaded the US commercial van market and the Savana Cargo somehow seems outdated even in its newest iteration. Why, you may ask; the reasons are obvious – this thing is not exactly cheap to own anymore. Consider that for 2015 GMC discontinued the smallest V6 engine from the offering thus leaving the Savana Cargo available only with massive V8 petrol engines (one of which is FlexFuel-Capable and the other – the six-liter behemoth can run on compressed natural gas). All in all, the smallest 1500 version is a no go anymore, thus, the Savana Cargo 2500 and the Savana Cargo 3500 are the last bastions of defense for the classic American delivery van.

The main problem they have, apart from huge engines which are not as desirable as before, is the lack of refinement. Although the 2015 GMC Savana Cargo looks like a proper movie prop van we all learned to like from the US movies, the newest version honestly struggles to gain recognition. Compared to the 2014 model year, GMC even discontinued the production of the driver side rear doors which feels a bit odd considering the character of the car. What does not sound odd is the integration of a new infotainment system, new entertainment features and all that new age stuff that actually does not do a lot except keeps the driver entertained. True, they also enable more efficient fleet management, which will be helpful to large delivery companies.

2015 GMC Savana Cargo Van Interior

Despite the gain in the infotainment/entertainment segment, the Savana Cargo cabin is still a place full of cheap plastic and things such as winches for rolling up the windows, manually adjustable seats and other last-century equipment. True, powered stuff is available as an option.

Nevertheless, the Savana Cargo luckily has some important advantages compared to any other newcomer. Thanks to its body-on-frame construction, massive engines, and rather simple rear wheel drive setup, coupled with robust suspension, the Savana Cargo can haul and tow almost like no other competitor. The 2500 with its 4.8L V8 can tow incredible 10,000 pounds with 3,274 pounds of hauling capacity. The 3500 is even more capable. Its hauling capacity is increased to 4,238 pounds.

The 2015 GMC Savana Cargo is available with a 135.9 inch and 155-inch wheelbase offering the awesome cargo capacity of 313.9 cubic feet in its top notch trim.

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