2015 Holden Astra

Holden stepped in the field of auto-making in 1908. It is based in Melbourne, Australia. The company is known for producing innovative and luxurious vehicles and has seen great success over the years. It now operates in Australasian regions after expansion of business through these years.

Holden Astra is a luxurious sports car that comes in GTC and VXR versions. It comes from Astra’s sixth of the seven generations and offers some amazing features to the drivers and passengers. Before we talk about the engine and specifications, you must know that the driving experience with this car is worth craving for.

2015 Holden Astra

When we talk about competitors to this car, there are not too many that come close. Some of the cars that offer close competition to Holden Astra are Hyundai Veloster, Ford Focus ST Volkswagen Golf GTI, and Renault Megane.

The GTC version of the car is available in six-speed manual and automatic transmission while the VXR version only facilitates six-speed manual transmission. GTC is also available in sports car version with added features.

Astra VXR has a 2.0 Liter (larger than 1.6-liter engine for GTC) Turbo Engine that can produce up to 206 KW at 5300 rpm. It has a torque generation capability of up to 295 lb-ft for the range of 2400 to 4800 rpm.

2015 Holden Astra is a model of supreme technology as it features some of the latest specs and accessories a luxury car can have. An electric power steering, Satellite Navigation, pressure monitor for tires, VXR, and sports modes are some of its many advanced technological features.

The design of this car is one of the most talked about features because it has a much preferred sporty look. This three door luxury car has 20 inch alloyed wheels and tires that provide exceptional road grip to ensure a smooth and safe drive. It also features a sports body kit with styled seats for racing.

For a sports car, the safety designs are just perfect. It includes airbags along with Electronic Stability Control. Other safety features include trademark Front Brembo brakes and child restraint rear seats.

The ESC is a feature worth discussing. It examines whether the car is moving in the driver’s intended direction or is there any skidding. If the car skids, the ESC applies brakes and reduces down the speed through engine trimming to ensure that the direction of the car stays correct.

The average fuel economy of 2015 Holden Astra car is quite reasonable as it can run 29 mpg. It is probably a better reading than other sports car so right there is another reason why you should go for this car ahead of the others in the same race. It also has a tank capacity of 14.6 gallons, so it is just the ideal car for your cross country road trip.

The interior of 2015 Holden Astra has a luxurious feel and you have a lot of accessories to choose from for personalization of the car. It has a 7 inch display screen with MyLink infotainment, iPad holder and child safety seats are some of the many exciting interior accessories you will find in the car.

8 Photos of the 2015 Holden Astra

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