2015 Honda HR-V – New car for the smallest SUV segment

Mini SUVs are the thing in the motoring world right now. The Europeans love them, the Americans too and every major car producer needs to have one in their portfolio. The latest one hitting the market is the 2015 Honda HR-V. It’s name for the Japanese car market is the Vezel, but the Americans will get the car with the already familiar HR-V nameplate. The car has been shown earlier this year. It looks modern, rather impressively aggressive and it does not look as small as the other similarly sized vehicles such as the Nissan Juke for instance. Thanks to a smartly styled front end with unusually looking front lights and grill, the HR-V looks more attractive in comparison with almost any of its counterparts. The rear end does not follow the dominative stance of the front. It does not look bad, but the rear end is not as entertaining as the front. Nevertheless, the overall look of the car is entertaining, exciting and contemporary, which is the best thing you need nowadays.

Unfortunately, Honda did not disclose much details about the new 2015 Honda HR-V (or the Vezel as they call the car in the Japan). We know that the new HR-V is based on the same architecture as the Honda Fit. That said, the 2015 Honda HR-V is 9 inch shorter in comparison with the CR-V. It is also 1 inch lower and a whopping 700 pounds lighter. As this is a vehicle with a habitat in the supermini SUV segment, its base version is powered only by front wheels. Nevertheless, some sources say that the Honda is going to offer a four wheel drive version of it which would put the HR-V in the lead in comparison with other similarly sized crossovers. Besides borrowing some styling causes from larger Honda vehicles and from the Acura indeed, the HR-V gained a few very interesting technical solutions similar to those in the smaller MPV Fit. First of all, the petrol tank is located in the central part of the vehicle which freed up the space inside the cabin. The rear passengers will have much more space for legs and for the head, while the boot has been slightly enhanced as well. Thanks to such innovative approach, Honda succeeded to integrate the flat folding second row seats, which are similar to those in the Fit. Five door vehicle received a modern equipment, with the base version equipped with the A/C, remote central door locks, rather nice entertainment system, power windows and other standard equipment.

2015 Honda HR-V Prototype

Although Honda did not disclose any official information about the engines powering the HR-V, it is expected that the Honda will employ the same engine it uses for the Fit. If that happens, the base version will be powered by a 1.5 liter four cylinder developing 130 HP. As the HR-V is light, small and aerodynamically efficient, this small engine might provide good enough acceleration for the car, but the real deal will be a version powered by a two liter petrol engine and possibly by a turbocharged engine. Lastly, Honda will use automatic or CVT transmission for the HR-V, while the base version will be connected with the manual tranny.

All in all, the 2015 Honda HR-V is the newest addition to the crossover segment. The car will be available in the USA at the start of 2015 basically at the same time when the car reaches the European market.

15 Photos of the 2015 Honda HR-V – New car for the smallest SUV segment

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