2015 Jaguar XJ Is A Domestic Cat That Did Not Forget Where It Comes From

It is hard to disrupt the extraordinary hierarchies in the premium car segment. The Germans did the best and their BMW, Mercedes and Audi are at the forefront of the whole segment barely allowing anyone else to have a sneak peak in the segment where most of the money is flowing. The Brits once ruled the segment before actually anyone called it premium. However, at this moment Jaguar tries again to get in it and do some damage to the German manufacturers. The car they use for this purpose is the Jaguar XJ and yes, it is the successor of the car which emerged in the market in 1968. The only question is, is it good enough to bear the name of such a noble car that defied the whole generation of drivers and Jaguar vehicles!?

Revealing the XJ in 2009, Jaguar finally had the opportunity to fight the Germans, and this time Japanese (Lexus) and Americans (Cadillac), with the car that was fairly modern, rather nice looking and pretty impressive. Even though the sales results did not show that Jaguar succeeded to fight of the Germans (Audi A8, BMW 7 series and Mercedes S-class), the car is rather well accepted and after six years in production the 2015 Jaguar XJ is the best yet.

2015 Jaguar XJ Steering Wheel

Continuing with preservation of the rich Jaguar heritage of making luxury cars, the 2015 XJ comes with the looks of the elegant, yet powerful limousine which is available in two basic configurations – XJ and XJ Long wheelbase. While the dimensions, looks and the sheer drama of it provide enough appeal to keep it in production, the car is, honestly already outdated, but it still features some specific advantages even in comparison with some of the newest counterparts.

First off, the engines powering the car are sourced from the best Jaguar cars. Engine portfolio includes engines later used for the F-type and the 2015 Jaguar XJ can be had with the three liter turbocharged V6 developing 340 HP, five liter supercharged V8 developing 470 HP and the XJR, the sportiest version of them all is available with the engine developing impressive 550 HP. Obviously, the sporty character, often cherished by the German manufacturers, especially BMW is threatened by the 2015 Jaguar XJ which is still one of the most exciting large limousines  to drive fast. Even though the engines aren’t the technological marvels of modern design and construction large quantities of power and smart construction ensured that these engines can still represent the major advantage in comparison with some other cars in the segment.

Furthermore, sport tuned suspension (of course, adjustable so it can be as soft as a pillow) can provide unforgettable moments behind the wheel. Don’t get us wrong here, even though sporty character really is a major factor of the 2015 Jaguar XJ, the comfort level inside is heightened by best leather surfaces available, chrome details and ambient lighting, but the roominess inside falls short in comparison with the counterparts. That can be improved by purchasing Long wheelbase model which brings a few advanced driving amenities and more room for the passengers at the back.

Though the overall feel and looks of the car can be considered to be in line with modern standards, some equipment inside as well as a few surfaces made of cheap plastic remind us that the Jaguar XJ isn’t as refined or perfected as its German counterparts. That, however shouldn’t stop you to try one out, ‘cause there is much more to this car than only it’s driving characteristics.

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