2015 Jaguar XK Final Fifty Edition

The Jaguar XK is a formidable sports car. It succeeded to survive on the market for seven years, and with many different versions that all share a nice look, the car remained one of the British favorite sports cars which made it through the economic crisis of 2008-2011. As aging was starting to affect its sales and its appeal, the British brand decided to cease its production in 2014, but the final edition – the 2015 Jaguar XK Final Fifty Edition was made and released.

As the name suggests, the Final Fifty Edition means that Jag produced 50 2015 XKs with best possible equipment and the best possible engine. Also, 25 of fifty were convertibles, while other 25 were coupes. So, the 2015 Jaguar XK isn’t exactly a full year model, but it is a car that sent the Jag XK to its much deserved retirement.

2015 Jaguar XK Rear Exterior

The 2015 Jaguar XK Final Fifty Edition is based on the top notch Jaguar XKR-S. That is quite something. The engine in this car is a five liter V8 supercharged monster which can also be found under the belly of the Range Rover Sport. With 510 HP and massive 461 pound feet of torque, the Jaguar XK Final Fifty Edition is as bad as it sounds (and it sounds Biblical). The modifications Jaguar did to make is somewhat special weren’t extensive. Basically, they took all the equipment they had in offer for the XKR-S, packed the thing to the top, added some different decorations and special edition plaques and offered it on the market.

However, a keen eye will surely spot some nice additions such as new wheels, all new rear spoiler and a wonderful XKR-S GT hood. Aerodynamic package including some nice parts such as skirts, diffuser and a front splitter make the XK Final Fifty Edition look a bit better than before. Thankfully, with the Ultimate Black color, everything became much better and much more in line with the aggressive nature of the XK.

Inside, the changes were even fewer. Only two Final Fifty Edition plaques are new, while everything else is just picked up from shelves and integrated into this special edition. Thankfully, Jag chose only the best for it. So, Dynamic Performance pack, which adds better steering wheel, better seats and more leather inside is a part of every 2015 Jaguar XK, while the luxurious features were even more pronounced with the integration of the dual zone climate control, seven inch touch screen, nice audio system with an USB part and even Bowers / Wilkins speakers.

Despite its age, its weight and its rather appealing aerodynamic efficiency of 0,33 Cd, the 2015 Jaguar XK Final Fifty Edition is a fast car. Thanks to its monstrous engine, it is able to achieve 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, while the maximum speed is somewhere around 175 mph.

It seems that Jag did not try too hard to create the final edition as special as we would like it to be. However, thanks to its XKR-S roots, the XK Final Fifty Edition is a nicely done car with an impressive engine, wonderful sporty suspension that lowered it by half of an inch in comparison with the previous version and give it the possibility to live for one more year on the market.

10 Photos of the 2015 Jaguar XK Final Fifty Edition

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