2015 Land Rover Defender Is a Homage to the Successful line of vehicles that Started Its Way Back In 1947

2015 is the last year in which Land Rover will produce their Defender. Keep in mind that this is a car that started its way on the market in war torn Britain back in 1947 as the Land Rover Series I and a small British company built its empire thanks to the Defender. The name Defender came into focus only in 1983 and it stuck around till this moment. Just how important this car is to Land Rover is best shown by the numbers of versions they’ve produced since its introduction. The car reached basically every corner on earth and it became one of the favorite vehicles for the adventurers, the rescue teams and even for the companies operating in the harsh environments.

The 2015 Land Rover Defender continued on the same path as the versions before it. The car for this year is basically the same as the one from year before which means it is available with EU5 2.2 liter diesel engine. In comparison with the older versions, the 2015 Defender is gracefully enhanced by the introduction of new upholsteries and more contrast roof colors that enable the drivers to personalize the cars. Also, the usual version available in Land Rover showroom is equipped with CD player, USB, better audio equipment and even Bluetooth connectivity.

2015 Land Rover Defender View

Despite of the high tech modern stuff, Land Rover entered the year 2015 with three rather special editions of the Defender. Even though they have enough cars already produced to satisfy the demand for this year, the real novelty for the 2015 Land Rover Defender actually represents Adventure, Autobiography and Heritage Editions. These three are actual limited edition cars and they bring some really nice treats that will be especially valued by the fans of Land Rover Defender.

The homage for the most important Land Rover vehicle is available for purchase and, as expected, the most astonishing version of the three is the Autobiography edition 80 of which are going to be produced. Apart from receiving a fabulous grey color which successfully blends a dash of modernity and sport into this off road worthy vehicle, Autobiography Edition brings features like full leather interior, bigger wheels with chunkier tires, better interior equipment and most importantly, a more powerful engine. Well known diesel engine produces up to 120 HP in the usual versions but for the Autobiography, the engine was powered up by as much as 30 HP. It is not hard to guess that the car with a better engine is much more in line with the modern vehicles in terms of power than those from before.

Adventure Edition is also a hiked up version of the full off road Defender. 600 units will be produced with top of the line off road equipment including the underbelly protection and large off road tires. The price is of course slightly adjusted, which translates to – bigger. At the end the least expensive special edition 2015 Land Rover Defender will be the Heritage Edition. Thanks to its simple yet rugged and tough interior and color Grasmere Green this Defender maybe represents the best homage to the famous line of vehicles that started back in 1947. All in all, apart from the usual 2015 Defenders, Land Rover enriched the market with special edition vehicles that tale the tale of one of the best off road vehicles the world has ever seen and that is the one you really need.

17 Photos of the 2015 Land Rover Defender Is a Homage to the Successful line of vehicles that Started Its Way Back In 1947

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