2015 Lincoln MKT – A Crossover You Need

If you are one of the people willing to buy a 2015 Lincoln MKT, than you are most probably looking for a vehicle that stands out. There is a large range of crossovers out there in the market, but the kind of roof-line offered by the MKT is truly dramatic, it can have your attention pretty easily, thanks to the manufacturers of the vehicle.

The moment you step inside this vehicle you will realize that it stands shoulder to shoulder with any rival in the market. The materials used in the large MKT cabin and the build quality overall is truly exceptional. The vehicle is extremely comfortable and quiet from the inside, which makes it perfect for long drives on highways. From convenience to comfort, 2015 Lincoln MKT offers everything, adding features like heated seats in the second row, and automated parallel parking and plenty of others to make the all-new 2015 Lincoln MKT one of a kind.

2015 Lincoln MKT Front Three Quarters

Despite the fact that the latest 2015 Lincoln MKT is a large vehicle, it does not make any excuses when it comes to performing on the road. Lincoln MKT is a crossover with 3-row of seats, but its performance is still pretty spectacular. The kind of ride quality you get with the Ecoboost model, will make you feel like the vehicle is tailor made for you, credit to adaptive suspension, which helps the vehicle achieve that. However, even if you are riding with a standard version, the suspension will surely not disappoint you, it still makes the vehicle feel pretty stable and under control. Taking our attention back to EcoBoost model, the acceleration is sharp to say the least. The vehicle comes with a V6 that can produce up to 365 HP, but not everyone likes to go for the premium version. Therefore the figures with the standard version are still pretty decent, which produces about 303 HP with a 3.7-L V6. When Lincoln says 303 HP, it means 303 HP, even if the vehicle is loaded to the max.

Let us take a look in depth what the 2015 Lincoln MKT’s engines have to offer.

The vehicle comes with two kinds of models, the standard one and the EcoBoost. With the standard version, the vehicle offers a 3.7-L V6 engine that is capable of producing 303 HP, and the torque of 278 lb-ft.  The transmission offered in this version is a six-speed automatic while the vehicle drives with the help of front wheels. Heading over to the fuel economy, the vehicle gives 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway.

The other model that the latest MKT offers is the EcoBoost, containing an engine that can generate a lot of power, a 3.5-L turbocharged V6, capable of generating 365 HP and the torque of 350 lb-ft. This particular model comes with an AWD as standard and a six-speed automatic transmission. The fuel economy figures are, 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway.

9 Photos of the 2015 Lincoln MKT – A Crossover You Need

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