2015 Lotus Elise S Cup

Lotus Elise is an astonishing vehicle. It is a true sports car with a lightweight body, small four cylinder engine and wonderfully tuned suspension which is perfect for the track. Lotus, however, has quite a bit of them with the Elis S Cup version being the newest. As a 2015 model year, 2015 Lotus Elise S Cup  remained true to its sporty pedigree which is well known by any gear-head out there. Unfortunately, this car is not available in the US. With the withdrawal of the Lotus Evora due to not complying with the crash safety standards in the US, Lotus will not have a car on the US market. Fortunately, Evora and this Lotus Elise S Cup are still available in some other countries and in Europe.

With a lightened body (it is very hard to lighten the car when it is already light), retuned suspension and reworked aerodynamic components, Elise S Cup is much closer to a race car than any other Elise in offer. Lotus R&D team have put it through extensive testing on the official Lotus track and they’ve even took it to the Ring and tuned everything they could.

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup

Fine tune provided 2015 Lotus Elise S Cup with much more down force than before. Lotus assess that the rear spoiler only makes 66 kilograms of down force at 100 mph. Traveling at the top speed, rear spoiler makes 125 kilograms of down force.

The performance was upped a bit. 60 mph can be cracked in 4.2 seconds while the top speed is 140 mph. All of this enhancement made the 2015 Lotus Elise S Cup much faster on the track in comparison with any other previous Elise. Lotus test driver succeeded to cut three seconds of the time of the Elise S on the Lotus test track. This is serious stuff especially because Elise S Cup remains a street legal car. The enthusiast will be thrilled that they can drive this lightweight vehicle on the public road and simply turn at the exit where it says “Track”. Of course, Lotus provides full coverage for race enthusiasts and the car can be equipped with race equipment such as fire extinguisher, toolbar, six point harnesses and other. This way, the privately owned racing teams can make the most of this 2015 Lotus Elise S Cup and make it appear in many racing events across the Europe.

Enhancements are, of course, pricey. MSRP price is more than 43,000 British pounds and which is quite a bit more than usual Elise S and a lot more than cheapest Elise. The price is for the entry level car, and it can certainly be much expensive with the installation of the CD/mp3 player, sound insulation, central door locking or bigger wheels.

All in all, 2015 Lotus Elise S Cup is the only real novelty of the small British based producer for the 2015. We guess they will have to work much harder to seize the opportunity the name Lotus carries with itself.

9 Photos of the 2015 Lotus Elise S Cup

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