2015 Mercedes Benz Vito – delivering goods with style and dependability

When Mercedes Benz Sprinter arrived to the States, Volker Mornhinweg, the chief engineer behind Mercedes Benz vans said that this model will open doors for new Mercedes Benz Vans. He did not specify what kind of vans Mercedes is going to offer in near future, but it is easy to assume that he thought about the V-Class (successor of a Viano), and the recently introduced 2015 Mercedes Benz Vito.

Assuming that  2015 Mercedes Benz Vito will come to US early next year, we have been on an official Vito presentation in Berlin where Daimler CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche, along with his colleagues, revealed a new vehicle on a highly impressive presentation. The one that has been revealed is a vehicle specifically developed for the European market, but in talks with the key people at Daimler, it was clear that the 2015 Mercedes Benz Vito will be much the same in any other part of the world. So what is this new model all about!?

First of all, the Vito looks a lot like the new V-class which is a good thing. Besides having an eye catching design and an aggressive front end, the Vito has been aerodynamically improved so much that it has a drag coefficient value of only 0,32 Cd which is the same as the drag coefficient value of a small car. Furthermore, using modern, lighter materials such as ultra high strength steel and plastics, the overall weight dropped. All of this largely affected the fuel efficiency and the base front wheel drive model powered by a small four cylinder diesel engine is able to provide a fuel efficiency of 41 mpgs which is a figure that is, considering the possibilities of this van, almost out of this world. Now, it is hard to imagine that the States will ever get the FWD version with a small Renault sourced diesel engine. However, the rear wheel drive model and four wheel drive model, which is also available, will be powered by a 2.15 liter turbocharged diesel engine with power ranging from 136 HP to 190 HP. Although being less fuel efficient in comparison with the smaller 1.6 liter engine, the larger engine is just the right fit for the States. Unfortunately, Mercedes did not disclose any details about the petrol powered version, but it is easy to guess that the petrol engine will be available when Vito comes to the States.

The 2015 Mercedes Benz Vito is 5.5 inches longer in comparison with the outgoing version. Also, the Van comes in three different lengths and with two different wheelbase sizes. Therefore, the application is basically limitless. A curiosity is that every Vito has a top height of just 75.1 inches which means it can crawl in almost any standard parking space and deliver any kind of goods without any restrictions. Besides different version according to the size of the vehicle, the Vito is available as a two seater or three seater van, five seater van and as an eight seater passenger vehicle. As it turns out, the passenger version is highly appreciated by Europeans and the taxi service in Germany really likes these vehicles. Actually, they like it so much that Mercedes brought a tailor-made Taxi vehicle to the presentation with very impressive equipment on board. Although the Vito is not as luxurious as the V-class, it features a highly ergonomic cabin that looks very similar to the cabin of a Sprinter van. This means that Mercedes installed advanced safety equipment in it and the standard equipment includes Crosswind Assist and Tire Pressure Monitoring system. With a few bucks more invested, the Vito can be equipped with full LED front lights, Parking Assist, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and Command In-Car entertainment center. We imagine this equipment would perfectly suit the passenger version. All in all, Mercedes introduced a very potent van which will eventually hit the States. With a state of the art equipment, engines and architecture, the Vito will be one of the most important vans in the world.


11 Photos of the 2015 Mercedes Benz Vito – delivering goods with style and dependability

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