2015 Mini Cooper Is the First Full Fledged Premium Car in Segment and its Exquisite

Building a new Mini Cooper has always been one of the toughest jobs in the industry. The styling just cannot be changed a lot only because the styling had made a Mini an icon that is still very much popular today. When BMW announced that they are revealing a whole new Cooper in 2014, the whole automotive world wondered what it could be like. And it happened. The newest Mini Cooper isn’t much changed (in style and design) in comparison with the version before. However, the 2015 Mini Cooper is technological leap forward in any other segment you could think of. It is fair to say that the 2015 Cooper might be the most advanced small car in the world.

Built on an UKL1 platform used also for the fwd two series and (in slightly different form) for the next gen BMW 1 series, the 2015 Mini Cooper just rocks with modern technology. This is genuinely the first small premium vehicle. It is the first small car with head-up display, it is the first city car with optional full LED front lights, it is the first car with full SIM card integration which enables emergency calls, full internet access and other modern services. Technology like this easily launches the new Cooper to the heights no other city car has ever been close to.

2015 Mini Cooper

Moreover, the craftsmen that make this car are trained in the best BMW training facilities which mean that the 2015 Mini Cooper has almost the same build quality as BMW cars. With excellent attention to details and most modern technology used to build this car, the Mini Cooper simply outgrows the class of the vehicles in which it resides.

However, the dimensions in comparison to the last version were changed, but not by a lot. The 2015 Cooper is a bit more than 3 inches longer, more than one inch wider and just a hint higher than the outgoing car. This enabled the designer to create a much roomier cabin which is rounded up by a boot which is 50 liters larger than before (now: 211 liters in its base form). Added dimensions didn’t up the weight thanks to some clever construction made possible by the newest FWD platform UKL1. This platform brought to Cooper the newest safety features such as active bonnet, camera based cruise control, automatic brake system and other modern touches.

Less weight, better tech and updated suspension (now with special Dynamic Damper Control in some versions) promises even better driving characteristics. Mini officials said that the go-kart feel is more present than ever, which means that the car is really a hot hatch regardless of the trim or engine selected. The least powerful 2015 Mini Cooper is the one powered by a three cylinder diesel engine developing 116 HP. Mini made available new three cylinder turbocharged petrol engine as well, while the most potent version (beside the top notch John Cooper Works) is powered by a two liter engine delivering more than 190 HP.

Even though the speed, agility and the sheer sporty feel are the most important values a Mini driver can be thankful for, the 2015 Cooper is actually a rather fuel efficient car. The Mini Cooper D fuel consumption is rated ast 3,5 liters per 100 kilometers which is next to a miracle.

All in all, the 2015 Mini Cooper stayed the fun, small and cute car like it was before, but now every aspect of it has been updated thus making it possibly the best thing you can find in the small car segment.

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