2015 NISSAN BladeGlider; Car That is Worth a Thousand Looks

Nissan is the name known worldwide for its quality production. The company has produced remarkable vehicles one after the other and the year 2015 is going to be no different. This time though, they have gone beyond convention and have brought something new to the table. The 2015 NISSAN BladeGlider is an eye candy. It’s like one of those concept cars that can blow your mind away; this masterpiece is sure to startle you with its unconventional look. The makers have constructed the Glider with Aero Dynamics in mind.

The Front of this magnificent vehicle is very appealing with thin lights that are connected to each other, all the way from one corner to the other and below is a chrome grill with a big NISSAN sign in the middle. The front bumper is slightly moved forward giving it a typical sports look. At the back, the rear lights are again very thin with exhaust pipe below them. These exhaust pipes have blue lights adding to the beauty of the car. The rear of the vehicle is very wide and narrows down as it moves forward. One has to say that the car looks one of a kind from the back.

2015 Nissan BladeGlider Sports Car

Moving on to the interior of 2015 NISSAN BladeGlider, it is nothing like you have seen before, maybe only in movies. The cabin has an unusual seating arrangement. The arrangement is unorthodox with two seats behind for the passengers and one seat in the front row for the driver. All the seats inside are sports and are very comfortable. As the driver has only one seat in the front row and right in the middle, it gives him the exact feel of an aircraft. Not only does the seating arrangement look like that of an aircraft but the steering wheel adds to the feeling too. All the controls are well within the reach of the driver and the car has a pretty stable drive with no extra movement. The doors of 2015 NISSAN BladeGlider have speakers on top along with other functions. The entire vehicle is in three shades blue, black and gray (colors may vary once more details on the vehicle are out)

One of the most important questions in the buyers mind is what’s under the hood? 2015 NISSAN BladeGlider does not contain a regular engine. An electric motor is installed in the rear wheels.  The power to this motor is provided by the lithium ion battery. Most part of the vehicle, 70 % to be exact, is dependent on the rear wheels as they are a lot wider than the front ones. There are also two motors installed in the back. Although the company has not revealed what the engine is capable of yet but with NISSAN you can always expect something powerful and with 2015 NISSAN BladeGlider – it could be something extraordinary.

The 2015 NISSAN BladeGlider is yet to enter the production line and this is perhaps the reason why people are still guessing about the time of its appearance in the market. It can be 2015 or early 2016, no one knows yet and that is why the price of the vehicle is still unknown.

9 Photos of the 2015 NISSAN BladeGlider; Car That is Worth a Thousand Looks

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