2015 NISSAN Leaf – The One for Everyone

If there is any electric car from Nissan that deserves to be called the best for the masses, it is the leaf.  The vehicle has been pretty successful in the last five years and fulfilled all the expectation levels of the company. If you are looking for a vehicle that is not only fuel efficient but also environmentally friendly, there is no better choice than the 2015 Nissan Leaf.

When the vehicle first appeared in the market, it was very well received by the consumers. Drivers had some really good things to say about the vehicle, however, there were some complaints regarding the sticker cost and charging time. Nissan took all these complaints under consideration and the all-new Nissan Leaf is now ready to hit the roads without any of those problems.

2015 NISSAN Leaf Right Exterior

The vehicle contains a 6.6-kW charger that only takes half as much time to charge as it did in the previous models. The SL trim introduced this year is lower in price, while the upper trims get some major upgrades. There is no doubt about the fact that the leaf drives a lot better, more like gasoline vehicles, after the upgrades.

No matter which trim level you go for, all of them comes standard with the front-wheel-drive. With 80-kW motor, the 2015 NISSAN Leaf produces about 107 HP and the torque of 187 lb-ft.

Since, it is a fuel efficient vehicle; you would expect a compromise on performance over fuel economy. The fuel economy tests with the leaf were 126 mpg in the city, and 101 mpg on the highway. The best thing about this vehicle is that it does not use any fuel what so ever till 84 miles. However, the figure is likely to change depending how you drive the vehicle. Leaf is a lot more efficient while driving in the city due to regenerative braking. On the highway, it might not turn out to be that fuel efficient, since drivers hardly use brakes.

Despite using climate-control and other functions, the leaf consumed 50% battery and gave about 50 miles in the driving test.  This left us to the conclusion that the vehicle will easily go up to 100 miles if charged completely.

The three trims available with the 2015 Nissan Leaf are S, SV and SL.

The S is available in the market for $28,860, the SV for $32,950 and the Leaf SL for $35,970.

The vehicle offers an extremely comfortable ride. Probably, the biggest compliment for Nissan so far is that the Leaf does not feel like its running on batteries and drives pretty much like a conventional car. Seats of the vehicle are pretty comfortable and according to many drivers the steering wheel is pretty responsive too.  As far as the safety is concerned, the leaf has pretty much all the standard safety features including, airbags, and stability control and traction system. The vehicle may not seem a very large one, but it still offers plenty of room to the passengers.

Overall, the 2015 NISSAN Leaf is a good investment. It might not have a lot of space for cargo but that does not outweigh its major benefits.

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