2015 Opel Astra J

The 2015 Opel Astra J is counting its last days on the market. The car was introduced back in 2009 and up until now it ever slightly changed the feel the costumers had towards Opel compact cars. Its pleasant looks, nicely done interior and compact engines made it rather appealing on the compact car market. The year 2015 is the final year of the Opel Astra J production.

Even though the car received its last major redesign in 2012, Opel did the best it could to get it prepared for its final model year. It is hard on the market right now. Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic, Ford Focus and all the others are actually younger, more in line with today’s needs and better equipped to cope with the “connected” world. Luckily, Opel is part of GM, which means that they have access to a vast base of the infotainment systems and other contemporary safety equipment that can make the Opel Astra shine even in its final year of production.

2015 Opel Astra J Rear View On Road

The new model – the Astra K is expected to hit the market sometimes at the end of this year or early next year, but either way the old Astra J remains the only full-fledged Opel competitor in every important compact car market in Europe and elsewhere.

The 2015 Opel Astra J is basically unchanged in comparison with the vehicle from the year before. It still features exterior elements from the redesigned version from 2012. These include larger air intakes at the front, better looking front lights, LED daily lights and some minor changes at the back. Also, Opel released five different car versions of the Astra. Even for the final year of production, Opel offers five door Astra hatchback, three door Astra coupe, three door Astra OPC, Astra Sedan and a caravan – Astra Sports Tourer. With five different versions, Opel had a tough time figuring out what could it do to make every one of them profitable and economically justified.

Standard equipment was largely enriched in the final years of its production. Now, safety equipment includes such amenities like Opel Eye, TSA II (Traffic Sign Assistant), LDW (Lane Departure Warning), (FDI) Following Distance Indication and (FCA) Forward Collision Alert. These techniques were transferred from higher class vehicles such as the Insignia and in the Astra some of them even became standard on various markets. The high-tech character of the car was additionally highlighted with the integration of the Adaptive Cruise Control and AFL+ which takes road lightning to the whole another level.

More importantly, Watt’s link is the type of suspension used for every Astra, while OPC and GTC use HiPer Strut suspension with a specially adapted FlexRide system that can adapt steering and some other features in accordance with the driver’s wishes.

All in all, the 2015 Opel Astra J remained one of the few cars that are able to win over the age and to come out as the winners even in the final year of their production. With modern turbocharged diesel and petrol engines and power ranging from 100 HP to 280 HP, the 2015 Opel Astra is the epitome of the European hatchback that will continue its glorious journey even in the next generation. For now, the 2015 Opel Astra J remains the car of choice for thousands.

12 Photos of the 2015 Opel Astra J

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