2015 Opel Corsa – We drove it in Frankfurt and it is a perfect city car

Driving in the perfectly organized city of Frankfurt, we couldn’t help ourselves but notice that the majority of cars there are pretty much in perfect condition. What’s more, almost any car you see there comes from the so called “Premium” segment. We did not have the opportunity to try out top notch salon or coupe vehicles there. We have been driving an all new Opel Corsa – a small European hatchback packed  with technology that would have been considered witchcraft only ten years ago.

We had the chance to start our drive of the new 2015 Opel Corsa in front of the best hotel in Frankfurt called Jumeirah. The hotel had been built just a few months ago and it looks simply tantalizing.

2015 Opel Corsa

Is such a venue the best place to present a new small GM’s city car? It seems that it is. We had the opportunity to drive this car from the city airport to the city center and on some of the back roads as well. The first impressions were rather good. Despite the small engine, the funky 2015 Opel Corsa managed to keep up with the autobahn (highway) speeds and it was rather quiet, which is unusual for this type of a car.

The engineers and designers of the car told  journalists attending the presentation that they’ve completely reworked the chassis, improved (actually lowered) NVH (Noise, Vibrations and Harshness) levels and made the 2015 Opel Corsa much more aerodynamic than before. All of this affected the way Corsa drives, feels and behaves on the road. GM installed an all new advanced electronic servo system, redesigned suspension and lowered the center of gravity. This made the three door Corsa much more entertaining than before. It is fair to say that on the winding European roads this car can be driven as a sports car. The five door version is not too far apart. It is also incredibly exciting despite the fact that it is powered by a small one liter engine. Fortunately, the new engine makes 115 HP and it seems very intense and roary which is just what you need in a small city car.

The thing we did not like too much is the cramped space between the seats and the touch display stacked too low on the center console. It is hard to concentrate on the driving when you need to look down to the display to see where are you at the BringGo navigation. This navigation works with the smartphone GPS and it not as accurate as you would like it to be. Honestly, you would be better with the windshield smartphone holder and a navigation software on it than with this BringGo navigation. In addition to cheap navigation device and impressive cabin materials, the Corsa can be equipped with amazingly cool equipment such as smart cruise control, Lane Assist, Brake Alert, heated seats and wheel, heated front windshield (which you would like a lot), keyless entry, Opel eye system, automatic A/C, etc.

All in all, the 2015 Opel Corsa is a handsome little city car with a sporty attitude, fuel efficient engines, nicely executed interior and a few interesting gadgets. It is a perfect car for European cities such as Frankfurt and in US it would be a fair alternative to the Fiesta, but it will not come in the US.

23 Photos of the 2015 Opel Corsa – We drove it in Frankfurt and it is a perfect city car

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