2015 Renault Escape; The Next Best Thing!

The 2015 Renault Escape, not so long ago, in the year 2013 was presented as a concept car and ever since then everyone had their fingers crossed for its release. In October 2014, the Paris motor show revealed that the Renault Escape was ready to roll on the street.

Unlike all the previous models that had a high roof, the Renault Escape 2015 has a comparatively lower roof to give it a sportier and aerodynamic look, and this is the reason why it is going to be standing next to all the SUVs, which are gradually replacing the conventional MPVS.  The Renault Escape has been in the market for about 12 years and as the time is changing, the taste of consumers seems to be changing as well. Good visibility and room are not their only demands any more, they are also demanding an aggressive look for their vehicles that is not generally associated with the MPVs. Laurens Van Den Acker, The chief designer of the company believes that the 2015 Renault Escape will give Renault, an all-new beginning and the upcoming models will be more luxurious and innovative but just a little expensive.

2015 Renault Escape

Moving on to the exterior, The 2015 Renault Escape looks remarkable from the outside. The front of the car has infused LED lights with the Renault logo in the center of the grill between the headlights. It does not only make the car look beautiful from the front but it also makes it stand out from the others. The Sunroof on top allows the natural light to spread throughout the vehicle. The streamline design from the side contributes to its ability to go fast. The vehicle narrows down as it comes from back all the way to the front, giving it a unique shape. The pictures that have come out so far indicates that the car has doors that could close at the center and the seats at the back can be moved to either sides, giving it a limousine feel from the inside.

The interior of the vehicle has three rows of seats that are furnished with upholstery leather. The seats in the third row can be folded automatically with the help of a button present on the dashboard. After folding, the seats rest flat on the floor of the vehicle which creates an ample amount of room in the car for luggage. All controls and modern instruments are present on the dashboard that has an exquisite wood finishing. One of the best features of the 2015 Renault Escape is its touch pad on the dashboard which looks like a tablet. All the instruments are well within the reach of the driver and give the driver plenty of room and comfort.

With the help of diesel burning 4-cylinder engine, the car can produce about 130 to 200 horsepower. The latest model comes with a 1.6 liter turbocharged mill.

The vehicle is most likely to be available in the market in the mid of 2015 for an expected price of 34,000 US dollars.

9 Photos of the 2015 Renault Escape; The Next Best Thing!

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