2015 RENAULT KANGOO EXPRESS – The Old and Faithful

It has been a while since the Renault Kangoo made some changes in its model in the market, but this year the company did not only make some changes to the vehicle, they have also added a brand new model known as the 2015 Renault Kangoo Express.

Talking about the changes, the 1.6-L becomes a lot more powerful and fuel efficient, providing up to 148 NM of torque and 77 KW of power.  The fuel efficiency as mentioned before is one of the major features of the all-new Kangoo Express, giving up to 62 mpg.

2015 Renault Kangoo Express Colors

If you think this is it, you are wrong. The vehicle does not only receive improvements in power plant, it has also received some major changes in the way it looks, getting a narrower design from the front.

As you step inside, you will find that the cabin of the 2015 Renault Kangoo Express is certainly one of the most welcoming ones. Manufacturers have put a lot of thought to ensure the driver’s, as well as passengers’ comfort. The driver seat can be adjusted according to the driver’s height, improving visibility for the short-height people. Besides that, the vehicle comes with a power steering wheel and obviously air conditioning. The audio panel supports CD and MP3 playback. Bluetooth is also supported with the panel; however, it does not come standard with the vehicle.

As far as the safety features are concerned, the vehicle contains pretty much all the basic safety features that the buyers look for. Some of the important safety features include airbags, a metal shield protection under the steering wheel to avoid drivers from getting a lower body injury, in case of an accident. Door padding and magnesium steering frame (deformable) are also part of the safety features in the latest Kangoo Express.

Furthermore, the vehicle also offers automatic lamp activation during emergency stops to avoid any sort of accident. Also standard with the vehicle, is the all-new ABS system.

As seen in the previous models, the gearshift is placed on the dashboard, which gives the driver and the front passenger seat a lot more space and obviously more legroom.  Not just that, it also leaves a lot of storage space in the vehicle. Although there are a number of storage bins inside the cabin, the manufacturers have also made sure that your important documents are kept safe, providing an A4 size document storage area along with a pen-holder. Besides that, the main storage section allows the front passenger and the driver to keep all their goods well with in their reach.

Since 2015 Renault Kangoo Express is a business related vehicle, it offers sufficient heavy loading capacity. The vehicle is available in seven different colors including black, gray and red.

All in all, the 2015 Renault Kangoo Express is a well-rounded vehicle. It has always been a reliable name when it comes to reliability and quality. And with the changes in the latest version, it is certainly worth an investment.

8 Photos of the 2015 RENAULT KANGOO EXPRESS – The Old and Faithful

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