When it comes to innovative design and disrupting the industry nothing can beat the French brand Renault. If you look at it 2015 Renault Twizy from the outside, it is a heavy quadricycle but when you go down to more of its features, it is an ideal 2-seater vehicle, especially for people who want something different. This cute little, battery-powered vehicle is made in Spain. This car can go 100 kilometers on a full charge and is bound to turn heads as you drive around your town.

Talking about the looks, everything from the outside looks quirky. It’s a unique vehicle, which is inspired by nothing. You will hardly see any car design like Twizy’s anywhere in the world. The headlamps are a mix a classic and modern design. They are circular in shape and adds to the overall beauty of the car when turned on. The bumpers have this comical, compact look too.

2015 Renault Twizy Charging

You should not be expecting the norms when you step inside 2015 Renault Twizy. Apart from a dashboard, which is home to 3 buttons and a digital speedometer you are not going to find anything else. This makes sense, as the car only go 100 kilometers and you should not be expecting out of the world comfort or functionality but pure innovative design. The car can hold 2 passengers and that too not very easily. The space inside is not uncomfortable but kind of cozy. It gives you that tight feeling as if you’re sitting in an F-16 cockpit.

2015 Renault Twizy comes with a 3CG electric induction motor, which carries the vehicle as far as 100 kilometers. It produces 17 hp and can go up to 50 mph, which is not that bad considering the electrical design and the fact that it’s a 1-speed automatic transmission. What is best about Twizy is the fact that it can recharge from zero to full in a matter of only 3.5 hours while other battery-powered vehicles take around 12 hours to recharge completely.

With vehicles such as these, customization is the key. Renault team understands that not everyone is going to buy this, but people who would be interested are going to ask for customized options. The engineering team has absolutely nailed it in this department, letting buyers decide the color, door panels and alloy rims of their own choosing. Adding more to this, buyers also have the choice to decide the type of stickers they want on their mini-car.

Summing it up, the 2015 Renault Twizy can never be the only car for all your needs. It is a standout choice for your 2nd or probably a 3rd car. You can’t drive it to work, but it is that cool car, which you can drive in the evening (a short trip of course) and get noticed! The Twizy is priced pretty sensibly at $21,500.

8 Photos of the 2015 RENAULT TWIZY

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