2015 Seat Alhambra Is An MPV Which Gives Us All For A Bit Less

Making an MPV has been a full-time job for at least four years. So, when you built one, like Volkswagen built the Sharan, you better widen its availability as much as possible. That is the way the Seat Alhambra came to life. Seat took the Sharan, rebadged it, integrated a few things of its own and set it loose on the market with all the stuff Volkswagen invented and Seat just renamed. That is how all the infotainment systems received a bit different feel and looks to it, but honestly, the Alhambra is not actually that different compared with the Sharan. It is the same car.

That, however, does not make it bad in any way. It is actually quite a classy car with intensive and quite amazing technology underneath. Keeping all the good stuff from the Volkswagen smaller cars, the Seat Alhambra certainly has the comfort, top-notch quality and the appeal we are used to finding in German cars.

2015 Seat Alhambra Specs

The car received quite a nice redesign in 2015, introducing modern LED front lights, some new outside details and updated software systems on the inside. However, the Alhambra picked up many other virtues from the Sharan. First of all, this is quite a large MPV with smart seats that can be equipped with child seats in the second row. Furthermore, the third row of seats is available thus making the Alhambra a seven seater.

Despite all the seating and a whole lot of massive storage spaces in the cabin, space in the boot can be easily accessed by folding the rear seats. Both rows of seats folded free up 2.430 liters of boot space which is astonishing considering that this thing is a seven seater. Seat especially paid attention to the large panoramic roof and many storage places on the inside. While much of the electronic equipment is available even in the first trim package – Reference, the best leather, massaged and heated seats as well as advanced Internet-ready infotainment are included in the more upscale packages.

As any other Volkswagen Group car, the Alhambra teams with all sorts of safety equipment which basically creates a sort of a safety shield working in conjunction with the driver. Many sensors ensure that the driver never forgets about the blind spots, can see behind the car via a rear-facing camera or enjoys driving thanks to lane keeping assist or even radar-based cruise control. Yes, these are the technologies closely related with all the modern Volkswagen vehicles with 2015 Seat Alhambra taking them all and selling them to us for a bit more affordable price.

Seat offers five different engines for the 2015 Seat Alhambra. Three types of diesel are based on the same two-liter TDI unit with the power of 115hp, 150hp, and 184hp. On the other hand, two-liter TSI engines make up the petrol offer. The least powerful one is the one with 150hp while the unit used in the Golf GTI with 220hp is a top notch offering for the Alhambra.

15 Photos of the 2015 Seat Alhambra Is An MPV Which Gives Us All For A Bit Less

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