2015 SEAT Toledo; Looks & Affordability Combined!

SEAT has some great cars to its credit; almost all these vehicles are a mix of sporty looks and offer some great affordability. This year’s Seat Toledo is one of the anticipated cars in the market. Let’s find how different it is from the rest of the lot.

When it comes to practicality, 2015 Seat Toledo is up there with the best. The interior is actually very simple and offers loads of functionality and controls to the driver. As per initial testers comments, the car has a simple and sensible design while others are of the opinion that it’s an old-fashioned car, which only has what its price tag can afford. To be honest – they are both right. The interior has a huge boot and there is a lot of space for passengers to be happy on longer routes.

2015 Seat Toledo Steering

Moving on to the driving experience everything about 2015 Seat Toledo is remarkable. Whether you’re stuck driving through busy city streets or on fast highways, the tire and engine noise are kept to a minimum level. At lower speed, some drivers found the ride a little jittery, which settles down and become smooth quickly as the vehicle gains speed. Through 2015 Seat Toledo, the company has targeted to capture the audience that has affordability on top of their list, so basically it is not built as the joy-ride for drivers. What’s worth mentioning here is the fact that the car still offers pretty much everything. The steering is much more improved, but the diesel engine is a bit of a disappointment – making the vehicle noisier and heavier.

The Toledo has a wide range of engines namely 1.2 liters, 3 cylinder petrol engine capable of producing 74 hp. The other one is a slightly more powerful 1.2 TSI (petrol), which produces 104 hp. The 1.4 TSI can produce 120 hp. Last but not the least, the diesel engine is a 1.6 liter with 104 hp. A six-speed manual transmission comes as standard in both petrol ad diesel engine types.  The diesel engine of the 2015 SEAT Toledo has been both popular and criticized. It’s a not really a powerhouse, but the company claims that it will be giving around 70 mpg (combined).

For a car with this price tag, it is really hard to say anything against its safety features. It almost has everything. Front, side and curtain airbags come as standard. Also, the buyers won’t have to pay anything extra for stability control feature. Safety features are not the best in town, but they cover almost everything in no extra cash.

The main highlight of the vehicle is the extra spacious built and a price tag, which is around $6000 less than the competition. For buyers who are looking to get as much as they can in their tight budget – 2015 Seat Toledo is the car this year!

8 Photos of the 2015 SEAT Toledo; Looks & Affordability Combined!

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