2015 Toyota 4Runner Received Even More Off Road Gizmos That Make It Look Angry

In order to reconcile those who want powerful off roaders and those who are eager to have off road capable machine that can actually work normally on asphalt, Toyota created a vehicle named 4Runner. Although the car bearing the name has existed for years, the newest 2015 Toyota 4Runner is possibly the closest yet to the mission. It is true that Toyota made everything in its power to make the car better suited for usual roads and highways but still retaining the off road capability the 4Runner is known for. That is why this is one of few SUVs left on the market who employ body on frame construction with a powerful four wheel drive system and transmission that can serve a purpose during those harsh off road conditions but it can adapt to be used at full potential on the highway and other everyday tasks.

With slightly bigger dimensions than before, updated front grill taken from the 2014 model and better suited interior, the 2015 Toyota 4Runner continues to offer exceptional functionality and seating for seven, while maintaining the hardcore characteristics of the off  road vehicle. The styling won’t’ win over anyone at first. However, this style is created with porous in mind, so the upright front end of the bumper is the best way to ensure bigger fording depth and better approach angle. The large opening upfront is needed for four liter V6 engine to suck as much air as possible so it can feed all 270 HP and 278 lb ft of torque. The maximum power sent through five speed automatic is enough to make this off road car go anywhere, and with the 2015 4Runner exclusive TRD (Toyota Research & Development) Pack, the 4Runner off road characteristics simply blooms.

2015 TOYOTA 4Runner In Forest

Despite being wonderfully equipped with the off road amenities in the TRD Pack edition (bigger off road  tires, high-performance Bilstein shock absorbers and special styling elements), no buyer has to go that far in order to make the most of the propulsion system 2015 Toyota 4Runner has to offer. Even the entry trim level SR5 has some great off road equipment including four-wheel-drive with dual range transfer case, hill-start assist control and hill-descent control. This equipment is in most cases optional equipment especially for the SUVs of today, but the 4Runner, thanks to its obvious off road heritage brings all of this together.

However, off roading isn’t the only notable characteristic of the car. Thanks to a nicely done interior with leather seats, advanced navigational and entertainment software and full electric equipment in some editions, the 4Runner actually can serve occasionally as a highway roamer. However, in comparison with usual car-based-SUVs of today, the ride is much harsher (especially TRD), the sound insulation isn’t quite thick to cope with the sound of the wind passing over the car with the sound of rattling off road tires. More important than all of that is that the Toyota 4Runner isn’t exactly a fuel efficient car. Fuel economy is estimated at 19 mpgs combined which is not even close to the levels achievable by the similarly powered SUVs. Nevertheless, the power is good and it seems that Toyota did everything it could to make the engine as tough as the car feels itself.

All in all, the 2015 Toyota 4Runner isn’t as refined as any SUV or modern crossover, but again it doesn’t need to be as it is designed to tackle the most demanding terrains and conquer them with ease. The drivers and adventures will surely like it, but those traveling in it on pavement as passenger might have other opinion about it.

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