2015 Toyota Venza

As a vehicle that is based on the Toyota Camry, the 2015 Toyota Venza is one of the most car like crossovers ever produced. When it came on the market back at the end of 2008, the Venza was a glimpse of the future. It brought impressive driving characteristics, fairly powerful engines and rather nicely equipped interior. However, no one can live on the past glory and the Venza is not an exception.

The 2015 Toyota Venza has been additionally modified in comparison with the last model year car. It received better standard equipment and practicality has been enhanced by the standard integration of the towing package on every V6 model available.

2015 Toyota Venza

Despite the fact that the 2015 Toyota Venza has been surpassed in style terms by almost every modern similarly sized crossover, this car isĀ  one of the most engaging to drive even today. Thanks to its Camry based suspension and rather large tires (19 inch for the entry level vehicle), the 2015 Venza is a perfect combination of the crossover practicality, carlike handling and a smooth and quiet ride. Despite being seven years on the market, some aspects of the Camry have the feel of modernity. First of all, the exceptional V6 engine (with which 20 inch wheels are standard) is possibly the best one on the market. The engine produces almost 270 HP and 246 lb. ft of torque which is enough to provide a brisk acceleration and then again it is not too thirsty. With a front wheel drive, this engine provides a fuel efficiency level of 21 mpg combined. Unfortunately, the entry level Venza is powered by a smaller 2,7 liter fourĀ  banger with the maximum power of 181 HP. As this is not a small car by any means, the smaller engine is not as fuel efficient as a four banger should be. Also, acceleration with this engine is not on par with the modern crossovers powered by four cylinder engines. The rattle characteristic for this engine does not help either.

Apart from the out dated four banger, the 2015 Toyota Venza has an out dated interior. The plastics inside are from the old gen Toyota vehicles and the counterparts are using a soft touch panels inside from which the Venza would benefit a lot. On the other side, five seat arrangement ensured rather large space for all the occupants and with the contemporary entertainment system adorned with 6.1 inch touch screen, a satellite radio, USB connectivity and six speaker sound system the Venza is still kicking it hard at the technology level. The safety assists are not so modern. Lane Departure System, innovative adaptive cruise control and basically any other modern safety system based on modern sensors and radars are absent which makes this crossover something of an old school vehicle.

As a five seat crossover, the 2015 Toyota Venza is available with two engines, manual or automatic transmission, two wheel drive or a four wheel drive arrangement and with one of three available trim levels – LE XLE and Limited.

14 Photos of the 2015 Toyota Venza

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