2015 Vauxhall ADAM; The Vehicle Defining “Unique”

When it comes to premium city cars that have lots of customizable option then 2015 Vauxhall Adam can be taken as the obvious choice of buyers. It is a combination of funky looks and powerful performance. The vehicle doesn’t only have a funky look but some cool, funky names too like one of its trim level are called Slam. The “ADAM” part of the name is however taken from the founder of Opal Adam Opel. Vauxhall ADAM is likely to face some fierce competition from the likes of Fiat 500 and Citroen DS3 and whether the vehicle outperforms them is yet to be seen.

Let’s find out why we think 2015 Vauxhall ADAM is a strong contender as this year’s premium supermini.

2015 Vauxhall ADAM Front Interior

ADAM’s interior is something that is really commendable. Everything inside has a touch of personalization to it and the choice of colors is amazing too. The dashboard is black, looks really cool blending in with other highlighting colors like yellow or orange. Early testers find seats to be very comfortable and adjustable too. Headroom is enough to easily accommodate a 6 footer, however, space at the back is a little crampy, but then we know it is a small city car.

The driving experience is somewhat of a mixed bag. Some say it is fun to drive while others are of the opinion that Vauxhall ADAM is not so handy to drive in busy city streets. Ride quality is pretty average as the vehicle is a little bumpy at higher speeds.

Under the hood – the buyers get three options, 1.2-liter producing 69 hp, a 1.4 –liter with 86 hp and finally a heavier 1.4 which can produce 98 hp. All engines are petrol and offer fuel efficiency close to 55 mpg (combined). Transmission is a 5-speed manual, which means the ride can be a little noisier at higher speeds on highways. The most praised engine by the critics is the heavier 1.4-liter.

The 2015 Vauxhall ADAM receives just a little less than a 5-star rating in EuroNCAP test. A little point of concern might be its 72% safety rating of child occupants, especially if you are looking to buy it as a family car. Having said that, the ratings are still better than most cars in the same league.

Moving onto the pricing, the Vauxhall ADAM is sensibly priced to say the least. The entry level vehicle costs you around $16,500. The optional elements are pricey as well, especially when you compare the offerings with the rivals.

Other than the old engines, everything about ADAM is new and exciting. It is a characterful car with unique designing. Whether it emerges out as the king of the superminis or not is yet to be determined but one thing is for sure, it is bound to attract fans from all over the globe.

7 Photos of the 2015 Vauxhall ADAM; The Vehicle Defining “Unique”

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