2015 VauxHall VXR Range; Small but all that you need!

2015 VauxHall VXR Range is a true challenger and is all set to give the competitors some tough time. It is expected that as much as 60 percent of the manufactured vehicles will find its market in the UK. The early testers of the car are all praising, thanks to its ultra-modern features and design but has the new Vauxhall VXR range done enough to stay ahead of the competition? Let’s find out!

2015 VauxHall VXR Range is pretty appealing visually; it is more vibrant and visible than your average supermini. 18-inch alloys look beautiful on this mini vehicle, but they are optional. Other than that the car has xenon headlights, dual exhaust pipes, VXR body kit, and a big rare spoiler – all these features come as standard. Interior is slightly disappointing, which is made up of half leather and half cloth. Elegantly designed, flat bottom steering wheel does, however, adds to the overall look of the interior. Other than that the Bluetooth infotainment system comes as standard as has all the modern option you’ll ever need.

2015 Vauxhall VXR Range

The much-improved suspension gives the all-new Vauxhall more stability and control on those sharper twists and turns. The ride might get a little bumpy on uneven surfaces, but the grip doesn’t go anywhere. The company is also offering the “performance pack” (optional), which includes the Brembo brakes particularly useful for drivers looking to drive this cute car at high speeds. Other than that, the performance pack also contains bigger alloys that look amazing. The 2015 Vauxhall VXR Range is particularly built for the cities, but it is no mug on the highways too, especially if you have those bigger rims.

Under the hood, the car contains a powerful 1.6 liter, turbocharged engine. It is actually the same engine used in the previous models but has been given a wider torque this time. The 210 lb-ft of torque it produces is good enough to make most overtakes as easy as a doodle. This little, powerful engine can also produce an impressive 213 hp of power. Talking about the acceleration, the vehicle can go from zero to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, which is slightly lower than the average of what competitors offer but still nothing really bad.

Probably the only downside of the vehicle you’re to experience is when you stop at the fuel station. The mileage of 2015 Vauxhall VXR range is not very impressive. According to officials, the Vauxhall gives around 37.7 mpg (combined) but according to the early testers the figure is around 36 mpg. The reason why we think it disappoints when it comes to mileage is because VW Golf GTI (one of its main competitor) gives around 47.1 mpg. That’s a big lead!

All in all, the 2015 Vauxhall VXR Range is the peach of a vehicle. The mileage factor can be easily ignored if you focus more on other great things the car has to offer. So, if you’re looking to buy this one – it might be one of your wise decisions.

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