2015 Vauxhall ZAFIRA TOURER; Cooler, Faster, Cheaper!

Looking for a complete family car? the 2015 Vauxhall ZAFIRA TOURER can be your best companion as the car has received some excellent reviews worldwide. With cleverly designed, smooth interior – critics are of the opinion that it is one of the best cars today in MPV category. Vauxhall has been trying versatility and variety with almost all of its latest vehicles. This is mainly because the company is facing stiff competition in the market. To some extent their experimentation has paid off, especially when we talk about their 2015 Vauxhall ZAFIRA TOURER. The company has put in a great effort to provide quality and somewhat unique interior. The back seats however, are only good for kids.

Talking about cabin space, this year’s Vauxhall is a major step up. It is based on wider tracks and longer wheelbase, which easily adjusts up to 7 occupants. Plenty of space is also available for luggage, especially if you fold the rear seats. One of the most prominent features of the interior is the Panoramic Windscreen made up of heat absorbing and glare protection glass.

2015 Vauxhall ZAFIRA TOURER Front View

Despite being an MPV the driving experience (handling) of ZAFIRA TOURER is nothing short of exceptional with only a few vehicles performing better. However, when it comes to the ride there are few down sides. The vehicle is pretty stable on the roads but while dealing with bigger bumps you would not want to be at the back seats.

Moving on to the engine, power and performance – there is a lot to choose from for people interested in Vauxhall ZAFIRA TOURER. The best choice comes in the shape of 2.0 CDTi diesel engines, which is capable of producing 163 hp. The sound of the engine is something that some testing drivers have complained about but then that is what you usually expect from a diesel engine. ZAFIRA TOURER can attain a speed of 60mph from standstill position in a matter of only 9.1 sec. The speed and the power of ZAFIRA is commendable when you compare it with other cars in the same category. This is where Vauxhall has really improved which is likely to reflect in the sales of this year’s ZAFIRA TOURER. Other engine on offering is the lighter, more refined 1.4-litre turbo. The petrol engine in these types of cars has not been a great success so we’ll advise to think twice before buying that.

When buying a new car, safety is important, 2015 Vauxhall ZAFIRA TOURER is nothing short of impressive here. As a standard option, it is fitted with stability control system and 6 airbags. The intelligent camera at the front alerts the driver of a potential collision or lane change. The console in front can record, read and remember speed limits and the best part is it has received a 5 star rating from Euro NCAP.

With a price tag of $32,000 and some really cool features and design – The 2015 Vauxhall ZAFIRA TOURER is definitely going to ask some questions from SEAT and Ford!

8 Photos of the 2015 Vauxhall ZAFIRA TOURER; Cooler, Faster, Cheaper!

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