2015 Volkswagen Lamando

Volkswagen uses every bit of its modular platform. They have got an astonishing portfolio of vehicles based on the new MQB platform which was unveiled with the new generation of the Volkswagen Group concept cars. The latest vehicle they revealed that is based on this platform is a series production version of the New Midsize Coupe Concept car. It is called 2015 Volkswagen Lamando , it was unveiled in August in Beijing and it represents a full fledged car aimed for the vast Chinese market. It’s a looker, we have to say. With an aggressive stance, a sloping roof echoing that one on the VW CC, and with a rather nicely executed rear end, this mid sized sedan truly represents contemporary styling philosophy of the brand. It seems that this vehicle might be easily sold in Europe or in the US if Volkswagen finds it profitable. For now, its habitat is solely the Chinese market, which does not mean that this car does not have a modern tech underneath its elegantly sculpted body.

The MQB platform enables it to use basically all the technology available for the Volkswagen Golf or even an Audi A3. That said, the 2015 Volkswagen Lamando clearly uses a well executed cabin characterized by the known Volkswagen quality now decorated with the newest Infotainment systems.

2015 Volkswagen Lamando Interior

Even though some bind the Lamando with the Volkswagen CC, it is actually clear that the 2015 Volkswagen Lamando is a sedan and not a four door coupe. It has a sloping roof which is not as radical as the one on the Comfort Coupe (CC). While it’s closely related with the Volkswagen Jetta, the Lamando accepted the tech from that compact sedan also. Its seven speed DSG transmission is the same used for any other Volkswagen car and the engines available for it are well known 1.4 liter turbocharged unit and two liter turbocharged petrol unit. Even though Volkswagen did not disclose any official information or performance records for the Lamando, it is safe to assume that its 1.4 liter turbocharged engine develops 155 HP and the two liter engine is probably sourced from the Golf GTI and it develops at least 211 HP.

However, the 2015 Volkswagen Lamando does not wait for the tech shipment from the Europe. It is produced by SAIC, a Volkswagen’s Chinese partner which has been producing Volkswagen vehicles since 1984. SAIC has a modern Volkswagen production facility which is fully suited for producing cars based on the MQB platform. We point this out because Volkswagen has production facilities adapted for producing “MQB cars” basically on every continent. That said, the 2015 Volkswagen Lamando might come to US or even Europe at a relatively small costs. For now, its fully suited for the Chinese market where it can be purchased for $30.000 which is not a small amount of money. However, the car stands eye to eye against the likes of Mercedes CLA or Audi A3 Sedan which means it does not have to be cheap.

7 Photos of the 2015 Volkswagen Lamando

2015 Volkswagen Lamando Top View2015 Volkswagen Lamando Side View2015 Volkswagen Lamando Rear Side View2015 Volkswagen Lamando Interior2015 Volkswagen Lamando Front View2015 Volkswagen Lamando Front Side View2015 Volkswagen Lamando

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