2015 Volkswagen Multivan Is The Best Commercial Vehicle For Hauling Important People

After having revealed the new 2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles went on a true rampage offering as many different versions of it as possible. The Combi showed right after, followed by the Caravelle and the Multivan. As ever, the last one is the most luxurious version since Volkswagen instilled its body and soul making it good. At the first sight, the results are not that different contrasted with the 2015 Volkswagen Multivan from before.

However, small details on the new one successfully brought one of the most famous passenger combis into the new age. Being the most luxurious version spruced out of the Transporter T6 architecture, the Multivan received many things usually associated with smaller luxurious sedans. That is why its interior can host fewer passengers than the Caravelle, but it can host them in a much nicer environment. The climate control system is updated compared with lesser versions. More sockets for recharging mobile devices are available while the Nappa leather seats grace the interior in the Highline equipment level.

2015 Volkswagen Multivan Features

Graced with a modern dashboard design with an awesome large touch display and small transmission lever for DSG transmission, the interior of the Multivan looks more like the interior of a nice, plush and cozy car and not that of a combi which can transport up to eight passengers. Interestingly enough, versions with short wheel base and long wheel base are available, but the most astonishing aspect is certainly the possibility to equip the vehicle with only four rear seats at the back. This option offers best possible luxury and commodity for passengers.  The Multivan holds the image of the ultimate luxurious people mover. In some instances, it definitely makes more sense to use it instead of large limousines with a limited rear room.

Following its close connections with luxury cars from the Volkswagen Group, the magnificent Volkswagen Multivan received an awesome array of technologies that improves safety, comfort and sheer driving experience.

Even in the entry-level versions, the 2015 Volkswagen Multivan is equipped with a multitude of technologies. That includes Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, ACC, Automatic-Post-Collision Braking system, Driver Alert System, Hill Assist Control, Light Assist, especially adopted ESP and other. However, the most obvious connection with small cars is actually the two-liter diesel engine and the two-liter petrol engine. Both are turbocharged, but the diesel engine offers numerous states of tune with power ranging from 85 hp to 205 hp. On the other hand, the two liter TSI is available with 150 hp and a bit over 200 hp.

Aiming at the new segment niche with a range of special cars, the 2015 Volkswagen Multivan created a four-wheel drive Multivan. It uses the popular 4Motion four-wheel drive system with some elements that should potentially improve its off-road capabilities further. So, fording depth should be around 30 centimeters while the angle of approach and that of departure are improved in comparison with other Multivan.

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