2015 VOLVO Polestar; Vehicle That Has Much to Prove

Polestar is meant to be VOLVO’s high-performance unit. It began with a shaky start in 2014 but things are looking bright for the car this year. With Polestar, Volvo aims to develop a car that is fit for every road, season, conditions and probably all budgets too – A car for everyone! This however has not been put to a real test so far but what we know for now is the fact that it performs way above average in real life conditions.

The Volvo S60 Polestar comes with a price tag of $99,990 while V60 is around $102,990. Let us find out if these cars are a good value for money.

2015 VOLVO Polestar Cluster

The S60 comes with a revamped rear spoiler, which off course adds to the overall look of the vehicle while V60 has a new roof spoiler. With new “engine management calibration” & enhanced transmission – these vehicles give an amazing control to the driver.

There is nothing lacking when we go inside the cabin. The driver enjoys a complete comfort of perforated, high-end leather seating & steering. Other noticeable changes are contrasting blue stitching and sports pedal. Other than that infotainment options can be easily accessed through intriguing buttons mounted on the steering wheel.

Moving on to the engine, 2015 VOLVO Polestar is equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder turbocharges engine. This giant can produce around 344 HP with 369 lbs-ft of torque, which is all sent to the all-wheel drive system. The vehicle is a six-speed auto transmission. With all this power, the 2015 Volvo Polestar can go up to 62mph from 0 in mere 5 seconds. The engineering of both the S60 and V60 just doesn’t sop at the engine. Both these models have sport suspension, fitted with Ohlins shocks, modernize and upgraded breaks and elegant 20-inch wheels. These huge wheels fill those arches better than 17 and 18 inches. This also adds to the overall look of the vehicle. Also, the all-new 2015 Volvo Polestar comes with a body kit that gives this amazing, bold look to the vehicle.

The space inside the car is pretty ordinary to say the least. With average size occupants in the front, people sitting at the back can still find themselves cramping for more leg space. The vehicle lacks a bit in height but with foldable back seats, it can accommodate some good, heavy luggage at the back.

The fuel efficiency is a bit of a worry for VOLVO, especially when it comes to city conditions. The vehicle consumes 34 mpg on the highways and 11 mpg on busy street roads.

Thanks to handsome styling, all-wheel drive, an all-weather built and a powerful engine, the 2015 VOLVO Polestar seems like a good investment. With company’s exceptional reputation when it comes to durability and safety, one thing is for sure, VOLVO with its 2015 Polestar is likely to face some stiff competition from the likes of BMW, MERCEDES, Audi etc.

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