Club Car golf cart maker is the biggest producer of the electric powered low-speed vehicles

Club Car is by far the biggest producer of small-wheeled electric vehicles and golf carts. Yes, they are producing vehicles for whole range of applications including vehicles used for golf. However, the buyers of these vehicles don’t have to play golf or use the vehicles only on a closed terrain. The trend in some states made a strong base of people that actually buy and drive these vehicles on a daily basis. However, the transformation of a golf cart to a usable legal street vehicle is a process that requires a thorough modification of the small electric golf cart.

Club Car has been making these so called NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) for years and they offer the largest range of these vehicles in the country.

The company started its operation back in 1958 in Florida. Soon, the company changed its headquarters to Georgia where they reside to date. Being the first large manufacturer of small electric vehicles means that the Club Car has the biggest fan base, largest facilities for production, best possible maintenance service and the largest dealer network. Right now, Club Car network includes over 600 distributors all over the USA. Also, their current portfolio includes around 40 different versions of electric cars including personal vehicles, commercial vehicles and vehicles for golf operation. Right now, small electric vehicles that can be used as personal vehicles for a local commute or as golf cart vehicles are a true hit in the states. The main difference between the two is the equipment on board. While the golf cart doesn’t have to have lights, turn signals or any kind of suspension, the governing bodies requires all of that equipment for the cars that can be used on the streets. So, the price for a personal street legal NEVs is a bit more expensive in comparison with the usual golf cart.

Club Car became famous for building golf carts in the Eighties. Their model DS became the best known Golf cart in the world, but it also shares its main architecture with all other Club Car vehicles. The main architecture hasn’t been changed much in years, but the materials used for the build are newer. Street legal carts received stronger body panels, more advanced suspension, better street equipment such as lights, turn indicators, seat belts and so on. Because of this, the carts are fully prepared for street use. However, low-powered electric engines cannot provide the carts with the speeds sufficient for use on open roads. Actually, the carts are available with the engines with power ranging from 3 HP to 21 HP. Although the power range is large, even the most powerful cars are limited to top speed of 25 mph because of the transport regulations. Because of this, the carts can be used basically by everyone physically able to control the vehicle. Although lower powered versions are restricted to a top speed of 17-20 mph, the dealers will probably remove the limiter if kindly asked. That way even the lower powered units can reach the speeds of up to 25 mph.

Being the biggest on the market, Club Car offers the best possible service for these kinds of vehicles. Therefore, it is best to consider buying a new one from a trusted manufacturer who’s been in business for decades. Besides selling personal carts for two or four passengers, Club Car offers wonderfully designed commercial vehicles and golf carts. According to official data, there is a fairly large market for this type of vehicles in the US. Pike Research estimated that there is about 600.000 NEVs in the whole world, and with the introduction of the new models, the number will grow rapidly.

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