“Crash for Cash” Insurance Fraud Can Be Cracked

Insurance Fraud! Yes, it is real and it is a problem that leads to creation of a special government bureau called the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) in 2006. Basically, this is an organization that should search, find and process groups of criminals, gangs or even individuals who use insurance fraud to gain personal wealth. As we are in the business of cars, we will concern ourselves only with that segment and, as it turns out, criminal gangs operating throughout the UK are mostly focused on acquiring wealth by using the so called Crash for Cash scams you probably have heard about.

This is quite an easy fraud to do. Basically, just make some other driver guilty for a car accident and if he has insured his car the money is yours. Simple as that! This kind of fraud has been in used by criminal gangs throughout the world, but in some countries, like Russia for example, innocent drivers and owners of insured cars keep themselves protected with a simple technology called the Dash cam. The drivers in the UK are obliged to do the same. According to strict regulations the drivers should install the Dash cam in their vehicle and use the acquired footage in the court of law if they become victims of the above described Insurance Fraud. Lately, from January 2014 as Telegraph reported, the police encouraged the drivers to send footage of dangerous drivers recorded by their Dash Cams in order for the police to catch the drivers and process them according to the law. Even though you may want to say that this isn’t your concern and that you have enough luck to evade any Insurance Fraud situation, hang on just a while more and learn how this affects every single driver in the UK.


Crash for Cash Info Graphic

First of all, Dash Cams are now highly recommendable car equipment by every Insurance company in the Kingdom. Some even offer a considerable price reduction for the top notch Premium insurance packages (up to 15 percent) if the Dash cam is installed. Other than that, analysis and estimates demonstrated that the criminal enterprise on the “Crash for Cash” phenomenon is worth north of 392 million pounds. That is hell lot money and every single pound of that money comes from the pockets and bank accounts of every driver in the country. It is estimated that every insured entity pays up to 50 pounds per year to cover the expenses of criminal activities done by Insurance Fraud gangs. Yes, you give 50 pounds every year to a criminal who would ram you without second thought if he had the chance.

Guys from the Car Camera Shop created a wonderful info graphic showing the most important  details and information about the Crash for Cash fraud. On the attached picture it is rather easy to spot just how big the problem is. Apparently, it can be easily taken care of by integrating the Dash Cam whose tapes may be used as evidence before the court and the footage can convince the Insurance company people about your innocence. That is not all. The Dash Cam can ultimately lead to lowering the criminal rate and lower the amount of gangs and individuals who would use the Insurance Fraud to make personal wealth.

Of course, the biggest concern is safety on roads. It is estimated that 14.3 percent of all personal injuries occur resulting from suspected “Crash for Cash” accidents. That is a large number which has to go down and the only way to make that happen is to go with the times. A million of vehicles on the roads have the Dash Cam and in the attached video you can see from what does the Dash Cam protected you at all times for a negligible cost.

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