Geneva premiered 2015 KIA Cee’d Is An Eyesore For The Famous European Hatchback Producers

Searching for a perfect European hatchback was never so tough. Apart from tens of domestic breeds, the Koreans made their stand with the addition of their newest Hyundai i30 and, rather nice looking sporty Cee’d. While the first generation of both cars made strong roots in Europe, second gen cars came to pick up on the success of the first one. Now, after a few years in production, Kia revealed their newest 2015 Cee’d at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and the car they’ve revealed there proved that Kia means business in Europe and the business is fueled with the emissions powerful enough to make the Cee’d, and its three door brother Pro_cee’d one of the best looking cars in Europe.

The 2015 Kia Cee’d isn’t only a pretty face. In order to make it fresh, even more appealing and better altogether, Kia made some clear modifications to it thus giving the car much needed dash of modernity. Redesigned front bumpers clearly follow the sporty line on which the Cee’d line of vehicles is based upon. With the so called tiger grille, now even more pronounced on the higher specs models, the 2015 Kia Cee’d obviously tends to send a clear message to other European producers. What’s more, the front lights as well as those on the rear were changed just enough to become a modern representation of the Kia brand styling. They’ve retained the same shape, but the lighting elements inside were adjusted and modernized. The result is an even more aggressive front end with a better suited and more posh back.

2015 KIA Cee’d Front Interior

While the exterior look of the 2015 Kia Cee’d is changed just enough to make the car feel more in place with last gen hatchbacks, changes under the bonnet were much more extensive. First of all, Kia integrated an all new three cylinder, one liter engine in the new car. With turbocharger, clever cooling system, direct gasoline injection and modern exhaust and intakes systems, the small engine develops 120 HP and 127 lb ft of torque. It is a perfect match for a car that isn’t that heavy and it perfectly replaces the entry level naturally aspirated four banger. Moreover, Kia acknowledges that the engine is 12 percent more fuel efficient than the older 1.6 liter engine. Also, the 1,6 liter CRDi diesel engine now develops a few HP more and its power stands at 133 HP and impressive 210 lb ft of torque.

Of course, the Cee’d is available in different forms, and the GT line with 200 HP engine is the most exciting one. Noticeably, modifications to the 2015 Kia Cee’d aren’t meant to bring the car into a whole new segment, but to perfect it for a few more years on the market. Thus the interior is slightly garnished with better soft touch materials, the buyers can opt for much more comprehensive decoration options in the interior and it seems that the Cee’d finally comes packed with the all modern safety equipment anyone would expect from the car of today. Besides wonderfully looking five door hatchback and three door coupe, the Cee’d is available in the SW varianta a wagon as well.

15 Photos of the Geneva premiered 2015 KIA Cee’d Is An Eyesore For The Famous European Hatchback Producers

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