All You Need To Know About The 2015 LOTUS Eterne

The LOTUS has added something new and refreshing to their lineup, something that stands out from the other vehicles they have produced so far. The 2015 LOTUS Eterne is a production that has made Lotus, the “oh my!” type in the Paris Auto Show. The Eterne prides itself in becoming the company’s first hybrid super saloon with four doors. This masterpiece is set to launch in the early stages of the year 2015 with a price tag of £120,000, which according to current rates is about 190,000 US Dollars.

The 2015 LOTUS Eterne is going to combine the powerful 5.0 V8 engine with hybrid gearbox and has electric motors and KERS integrated with it. The vehicle can produce a total output of 620 horsepower and a torque of 720 Newton Meter (NM), which will enable it to jump to the speed of 60mph within a matter of 4 seconds. The top speed that the Eterne can go up to is around 190 mph.

2015 LOTUS Eterne Sedan

The 2015 LOTUS Eterne is not only fast but it’s also a treat to look at. Its outlook is sensational to say the least. Like every LOTUS vehicle the Eterne does not master one aspect, instead it masters every aspect of the vehicle. Like Elite, LOTUS Eterne too has exquisite qualities. Lets us talk about some of them right now. One of the best things about this vehicle is that it is very light, yet it is seriously solid. Performance is pretty high with low emission; it is very compact but spacious. Quite frankly, the Eterne seems to be the next big thing as it sets itself apart from all the other vehicles in terms of performance, design and capacity. One thing that really distinguishes The LOTUS Eterne is it does not have any previous models like many other vehicles. The Eterne is one of its kinds and it’s a complete sports car that comes with four doors.

One thing to notice here is although it is a sports car; it is still recognized as an elegant vehicle. Now that is something very unusual. You don’t really associate the words elegant, graceful or sophisticated with a sports car. When we talk about sport cars we like to call them aggressive, powerful and exciting. However when you combine grace with power, what come out is something exquisite and that is 2015 LOTUS Eterne.

The manufacturers have used the lightest materials like aluminum and carbon fiber to make Eterne as light as they can to further enhance the performance. However, the vehicle still weighs almost 2 tons. Although Eterne is a four-seat vehicle, it is still able to hit 60 mph mark in 4 seconds as oppose to the 2015 Elise which is a two seat vehicle. It is pretty remarkable keeping in mind the Eterne has more weight than Elise. The standard version of The 2015 LOTUS Eterne is a rear-wheel drive; however an all wheel drive will soon be available in the market after the launch of the standard version.

All in all The 2015 LOTUS Eterne is one good investment and worth every penny of it.

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